Simple obscenity copy, the sequel will continue to die

Kameron 2022-09-20 18:03:11

When I saw the shabby appearance of the base, my heart was cold, so I floated a few buoys, built a few simple houses on it, and became a research base. The furnishings in it are similar to those in the first part, but the two men and women who were called scientists were invited and didn't feel any use, they just came to die. The woman floated for a long time without dying, and she was eaten as soon as she woke up. The man is even more incredible. He has no lower part of his body, and he can still climb up. He is really willful...

The boss's idea is not bad. In order to fear that artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, he uses sharks to study methods of superior intelligence. However, I don't know how much I have eaten, but I don't see how much smarter than others, but my mind is getting more and more. Many, it seems that this is not a medicine for enhancing intelligence, but a medicine for enhancing heart and eyes. In the end, the shark who was recognized bypassed the male and female protagonists and ate him, and he ate it as soon as he ate it. He had to hold his head up and push it to the screen. Is it for the 3D effect?

The hero and heroine used only two flares to eliminate the most powerful leader shark of the day, as well as the man who played soy sauce. When everyone fought the shark, he disappeared. When the shark died, he came out again, and was undoubtedly rated as The luckiest person in the show didn't need to participate in the whole process, and finally escaped, so he must have an unusual relationship with the director.

The heroine has a good figure and shows off everywhere. The zipper can never be pulled to the end, but the appearance is too old, not good-looking, and the effect is not obvious.

And where did the well-fed baby shark go? And where did the other four sharks following the main shark go? I don't know, it's too irresponsible to blow up the base!

There are basically no special effects, and it is generally not as good as the first one, nor is it a sequel, it is just a simple copy of obscenity!

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  • Misty Calhoun: You know, the idea that Great Whites are these malicious killing machines, roving the shorelines looking for a swimmer to chomp on, is pure fiction perpetuated by Hollywood. I mean, these magnificent and unfairly represented creatures are simply looking for fish or a nice fat seal to eat. You know, anytime there s a human attack, it's just a case of mistaken identity.

  • Carl Durant: Yes. They are a bit more dangerous than traditional lab rats, but no one is gonna get hurt here.

    Misty Calhoun: You cant guarantee that?

    Carl Durant: Actually, I can.