I really don't like this kind of unrequited love and secret love movies

Sylvester 2022-09-27 03:38:08

After all, it was her sister-in-law who kissed Gray first. Although her sister-in-law Charlie was drunk at the time, it was the kiss from Gray's sister-in-law that inspired Gray and made Gray fall in love with her sister-in-law. Even if Charlie's kiss was unconscious and inadvertent, and even if you take a 10,000 step back, Charlie (Charlie is Gray's sister-in-law, I watched the movie is called Charlie or something, right?) It's not like Charlie at all. Rui, the movie should also give Gray a chance to express himself!
Damn, after watching the movie, Gerry never confessed to Charlie that she loves Charlie until the end, and Charlie never knew that Gerry loved herself. Gray has been in unrequited love and secret love like this until the end of the movie! I think the director should give Gray a chance to express himself, and let Gray go for it and pursue true love. Even if Charlie rejects him and Charlie doesn't love Gray, then he can prove that he has worked hard for love, and in the end, even if he loses , you will not regret it.
But after watching the movie, Gray's love for Charlie has always been an act of unrequited love and secret love. Although the ending was not so sad and was very open, this ending made me very depressed. It was the kind of depressing ending that suppressed me to have something to say, but never said it in the end.

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