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Fellini likes to create dreams in his films, because our dreams are chaotic, (at least in the eyes of us non-professionals), so his films are often chaotic.
To say that it is chaotic is not to say that the film has no logical clues to be found, just as we often say, "Dreams are random", but we still think about the meaning of a certain dream again and again.
For example, the first paragraph of the film is obviously his satire of feminists. Yes, I have been thinking more about whether there is a so-called "irony" in it, but you must know that Fellini is honest and honest. Without hesitation, the world may criticize him. (It was the age of feminism, right?)
But, obviously, as he has done many, many times. Fellini still used this film more as a stage for "self-presentation" ("The Year", "Eight and a Half"... He could still find Marcello Mastroianni, such a perfect, Queen's screen spokesperson).
For example, the ugly busty old woman in the film "rapes" him, (this is not the first time such a scene has happened in his film. (There is also such a paragraph in "The Events".) When Fellini was young, he must have This happened to him.
Another example is the arrangement in the film, the "king" who seems to live in "women's paradise", is completely Fellini's self-innuendo, he told his audience quite frankly, we men It 's the "lower body animal"! (At least he himself (laughs))
The only thing I don't understand at all is the ending, where the male lead follows a sweet and beautiful woman into the sky, and finally falls into the world again." It 's like a dream to the point of inexplicability.
This may be the biggest commonality between our lives and our dreams, "You can never predict what is waiting for you in front of you."

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