Advise not to watch! Brain fragments!

Casimer 2022-07-17 17:47:38

Can't stand it, it's just a piece of the brain. The cause of the incident was that the patroller hired by the subway company found the tunnel leaking water and reported it to the superior, but the superior didn't listen... I'm a fork, you won't listen to the patrolman you hired, and you're fed up?

The whole film runs through the consistent Russian-style March BGM. When escaping, all of them change their words, screeching around in a tunnel full of water, and then screeching to escape when they are about to die.

When Shuitou pushed the carriage over and crushed the crowd, the stupid big guy wanted to pull the family and not run into the shaft with everyone. The two big handrails in front of the carriage didn't grab hold of the ride, but he wanted to stand and let it go. run over...

Not to mention, it's all flaws. Eat with caution.

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