Branson 2022-10-27 03:01:34

I'm not a fan of Agatha,

but I actually read three stories in the first season

. . . . . .

The story is naturally very exciting

. Two of the four stories have lesbian plots

. Why is the crime born or for love or money

The first season ends with three sins for love and one sin for money.

But it is precisely the one who sacrificed his life for the most distressing and

innocent person in the story of Qian. The kind and cowardly one is the real villain. Miss

Marple 's

powder is too much, and it is too white to bear attention. . .

And the two eyes are very shrewd. The old man

also has a major discovery that

Miss Marple's first love is ivo in "After Darkness"! ! !

Ahhh! my IVO! I recognized you with a beard!

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