Love incompetence is more distressing than sexual incompetence

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As the saying goes, good-looking people, life is like a green light all the way, where they go.

If we talk about a beautiful love again, um... Just thinking about it can make you smile like a flower.

However, today this film completely knocked me out!

Because everyone falls in love with her, but is she really happy?

"Beautiful people"

In Xiaoying's mouth, she is the girl on the poster.

My name is Juni .

She is beautiful and cold, transparent and fragile like glass, and her eyes like a lost lamb are enough to make the boys around her fall in love with her.

It turns out that it is.

Because of the death of her mother, Juni came to live with her cousin and transferred to his school.

Compared with the enthusiastic and noisy classmates around her, she looks introverted.

Junie always casually looses her hair and doesn't dress up too much.

But she is beautiful, and everywhere she goes, there will be a strange breath, and the boys will peek and discuss.

"She's mine, not yours."

Through his cousin, Juni was able to meet Henry, Otto, Jacob, Mary, Catherine and other friends.

It doesn't matter if you can't remember a lot of names, you just need to know that their circle is very messy-

For example, when Catherine was dating Henry, she also had an affair with Cousin Junie;

Mary is in a relationship with the teacher.

Perhaps it was because of seeing through the right and wrong around him, Juni became timid in the face of love.

The introverted Otto has always had a good impression of Juni.

With the encouragement of his brothers, he walked in front of Junie with an uneasy heart and the idea of ​​whether or not to kiss.

The next shot cuts to him and June kissing.

This allows the two teenagers to taste a "brief" sweet kiss, which makes Junie late, and also makes her involved in a whirlpool of love.

Entering the classroom in a hurry, she accidentally sat next to the foreign language teacher Jacques.

In the classroom, listening to the love sung in the opera, Juni was moved to tears, everyone was watching, and Jacques was also watching her.

Juni stumbles out of the classroom.

Her notebook was still on the seat, with her own photos in it, which Jacques quietly put away.

This, in a sense, shows that Juni has planted a seed in his heart.

When a person truly falls in love with a person, he will unconsciously ask himself to be beautiful and appear in front of the other person with his best image.

This time, Jacques, the prodigal son of love, began to change.

He sorted out his relationship with female colleagues and female students one after another. Even if the other party offered to kiss and keep him, Jacques was unmoved.

He excitedly told his friends about his heart-wrenching feelings, and he was so at a loss as to be like an innocent boy who had never been in love.

What about the other side?

What was Juni thinking?

From the moment she went to Jacques for a photo, knowing that the other party was holding it but not breaking it, their tacit smiles explained everything.

Although there is no puncture on the surface, Junie is slowly changing.

Her attitude towards Otto gradually became cold, which made Otto very uneasy, and even felt that the previous kiss was pity for him.

And Juni, who was sitting in the cafe, flashed everything about Jacques in his mind.

A beautiful and dignified woman greeted her with a smile, a couple in love kissed like no one else was around, and the love floating around was overflowing in her heart.

Even so few memories are enough to change her world.

And a love letter that was mistakenly thought to have fallen out of Jacques's pocket and was written to others made Junie cry.

Finally, she decided to tell Otto and the whole thing.

Unexpectedly, she confided that she fell in love with another person, but because she couldn't be with him, she chose to leave.

And in order to make up for Otto, she gave him a picture book and showed her body in front of him at the same time.

Let him touch and kiss.

Seeing this, you may find it difficult to understand.

What is this operation? !

It really corresponds to the line Otto said: "You can never guess about love, even if we are in love." .

In fact, it is not difficult to find that the beautiful Juni has become persistent in her pure pursuit of love.

Compared to her teenage years, she is somewhat precocious, without the hot-headed impulses, replaced by a cautious, negative attitude.

She did not believe that Otto and Jacques would love only one person.

Therefore, whenever she was about to fall, she was more afraid of being hurt, and then ran away.

As a netizen said, Juni, who offered her body, had a numb expression. The reason why she was able to give so recklessly was because "the song will not be hurt when the song is over."

It can be said that a girl like Juni has a lot in her life.

I hope that love will not have any flaws, but I look forward to it but hesitate, to the level of "emotional cleanliness, love incompetence" .

You can say she's paranoid, but you can't say she's rambunctious.

Junie is very sober and understands her inner investment, so she resists love and the hurt she needs to face.

Xiaoying pushed this film for a very simple purpose.

There are more and more friends who are "incompetent in love". I hope you can give them more understanding.

At the same time, I also want to say, even if everyone is destined to be alone in the end, please be brave.

After all, the world is so big, and fate still lets you meet him.

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