Although it is not a dog-tailed sequel, but for the sequel, this season is not very good

Allan 2022-10-10 20:41:23

The screenwriter has stated before that he has no plans to do a second season, and it is clear that the end of the second season has been completed, but the beginning of the third season went out to play in Tokyo, and Professor Dao called all the original team to come (saying In fact, you can change a wave of people when you come back. If the professor is really wise, he will not bother those who have lived a stable life), and then start morally kidnapping a father who already has children and a family, (then using the most dangerous method , of course it might look better this way, but it's to save people), that's the story of episode 1, and episode 1 of season 3 is full of push-pull.

And when the plot of this drama is not well promoted in each season, it has to rely on the conflict between Andong Road and Tokyo.

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