A campaign full of official malice

Daija 2022-11-05 00:59:05

For star review, my personal feeling is that after watching the movie I will tell others to watch it is a recommendation. But after reading it, I think it's 3 stars.

Watched the first episode, it was very well made! The action is great! As a fan girl who has watched figure skating competitions for many years, I am really excited to see that the animation can do so well and carefully! I've also made up my mind to follow this show!

But from the second episode, there are signs of collapse from the beginning of the characters! If you don't believe me, you can zoom in on the picture that will benefit them when they play! The protagonist's face is still like this, and the rest can be imagined. Of course, collapse is also allowed... After all, it is difficult to be perfect. From the first episode to the last episode, I personally feel that only the coach is perfect! ! It didn't break from head to toe!

However, as a sports fan, this sports fan does not have the previous summer surrounded by sweat and tears, nor the companionship and competition with small partners. But there is still a brief introduction to the four continents competition system for those who are not familiar with figure skating. There is also enough to show the official intentions of everyone's game movements and inner movements, as well as music production. But as a sports fan for many years, this sports fan fails! After all, there are too many ambiguous scenes wrapped in it.

On the other hand, as a rotten girl, although this animation satisfies the conditions of the popular rotten girl yy, both in terms of words and actions. 100% ambiguous! However, as a bl fan, he also failed! Because he can only reach the level of yy! ! Sending a ring, secretly sending an apocalypse, sweet words... and so on all satisfy the taste of the rotten girl! But it didn't go any further! As a bl fan, even if there is no meat, there should be a clear expression like pure romance, but yuri does not, he is just an ambiguous expression... Therefore, the sports fan does not want to be a sports fan, and the bl fan is not like the bl fan, it is just a movie Animation of the edge ball.

Of course, this is purely my personal complaint... I hope that the second season can cross this line and make the sports fan more like sports fan, bl fan is more loving, don't become different.

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