Hee hee, "Lee Min Ho" was named the strongest narcissist in history?

Fernando 2022-09-10 04:08:39

Haha, is this the strongest narcissist in history? After watching "Blue Ocean", if it is estimated to be more narcissistic, it must be him. ?

It turned out to be from ancient times to the present, unshakable, narcissistic attributes,

Standing out from the crowd, supreme, Jin County magistrate blows himself up, and he really uses a good idiom. ?Niu?

Even after more than 400 years of reincarnation, he became Xu Junzai!

So Jin Tan said:
Haha, many people who are determined not to be nympho say that they have escaped "City Hunter", "Successors", but "Blue Ocean"...
Wow, in this age of handsome guys, Lee Min Ho is really TMD handsome! Haha, how many people fall into the trap just because of such a photo? Raise your hand! [I don't like nympho, I don't understand nympho, but I raise my hand, hehe. ^_^】

Maybe good looks can attract you, but Lee Min Ho's cute and magnetic laughter can conquer you. Haha, every time he laughs, he can't help but be happy, there are trees and ^_^, it's so contagious!

Therefore, the radiance and charm from the inside out, even after hundreds of years, can't be stopped! Haha ? Even with such a smirk, I feel so cute ?

As for those who always say that Lee Min Ho has no acting skills, don't think that the investors are fools.
Especially for actors like Lee Min Ho who formed their own company, they lack the resource support of big companies. If they don't have acting skills, no matter how good they look, it's useless, because the filmmakers will not find an actor who invests their own money to act.
I don't know how to judge professionally what acting skills and what plasticity is strong or not, but from the perspective of an audience, the actors in a play can at least make people look comfortable and make people into the play. This is acting skills.
I have watched a few dramas that Lee Min Ho has acted in, and his acting skills are always online. Not to mention how consummate it is, I just like it, and it makes people feel comfortable and natural to watch. I want to watch it. I’m willing to watch it repeatedly (unlike some TV dramas that can only be watched once, not to mention those that can’t be watched again, even if they are very good-looking)
and Lee Min Ho is especially good at love scenes and fighting scenes, his big eyes and long legs create for it With the unique conditions, the eyes looking at the heroine affectionately are very easy to fall into the atmosphere he created, and the action of raising his legs and kicking people is also particularly neat and beautiful.
Okay, let's share it here...
^_^ I wish the "Legend of the Blue Sea" a big release! No matter what other people say, I just think it looks good! Keep supporting Yeah!

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