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Pamela 2022-11-06 03:37:14

It took me a whole day to watch this movie because I thought while watching and paused while watching. The pause is because some of the pictures don't really want to let him into my sight, so I have to do some psychological construction. The reason for thinking is because my classmates recommended it to me, to see this society clearly.
I know that this world actually has a lot of dark sides, but I don’t like to watch this kind of film. I feel like I will receive a lot of negative energy. I don’t want myself to look at everything around me with such eyes, maybe to escape, but I just don’t want to watch it. The sense of powerlessness that comes from reaching these things overwhelms me.
The justice female police broke through many obstacles and finally solved the case. Behind every great police officer is a wise boss. It seems that police and gangster films need such a character. Every time I see this kind of person, I always feel that this kind of person is low-key but has insight All the eyes, I don't know what they have experienced to become what they are now. And every girl who can achieve her dream is always behind the person who has been relying on him. The father in this is very great. When he finally met his daughter, I saw the brilliance in him. The father really He is like a simple mountain. You step on his shoulders and look at the outside world. He supports you. When you are tired and fall down, he still holds you in his arms, firmly and with a sense of security. And behind every injured child, there is a parent who is more painful and more self-blame than him. I never thought that people who target women for prostitution would choose such a small child that is not fully developed, it's really disgusting. What hurts me the most is these children who have not grown up yet. They should be playing brilliantly, but they have been treated so cruelly in this beautiful time. I don’t know whether they will recover in the future and face it hard. this world.
I hope that there are more and more good people in this world, and every good person deserves to be treated tenderly by this world.

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