"Poetry and film are both socialist art"

Jarvis 2022-09-14 00:39:43

"To sort out the speculations about leftist thought and revolutionary philosophy in some of the films, I personally disagree with most of them, but I find it interesting and can reflect the background of the times."

The revolution can be carried out peacefully, and there is such a possibility, but the socialist revolution will not. We have to face the reality, now you have wrong thinking, where is the correct thinking? It comes from practice, and then what? from the class struggle. Class replacement has formed history. This is the history of civilization for thousands of years. In his speech at the All-Russian Congress, Lenin believed that class struggle still exists, but in different ways. This is an example. Abandon illusions, prepare for war, work is also war, you must seek truth from facts, what are the facts? All things that exist objectively have various internal connections. We must proceed from the status quo, act with principles, and explore internal connections from surrounding events.

In the past century of art history, the development of art itself has formed history. Language is not burying us, our society is being buried. Poetry and film are socialist arts, everyone has betrayed at one point, Trotsky betrayed two months after occupying the Winter Palace, and joined the imperialists. Art is non-renewable, but the effects of beauty are imagined. Imagination is not a reflection of reality, but a reflection of reality. Content and form should be the same, more so should the content of revolution and politics, and art and form should be exactly the same. The lack of artistic works, even if the political progress is powerless, to retain our feelings.

A revolution is an uprising, a violent act by which one class overthrows another.

There are many places in the current university that are not good. Education is very important. Of course, it is a big problem. It must be changed from scratch. First of all, block universities like China. If you can't block universities, you will block yourself. Everything has class issues, and workers want to add up. Blockade universities, use bombs, as long as someone dies, no one dares to go to school.

All to reflect, summer is over, a new semester begins, and the struggle begins again. Wrong thinking is the Great Leap Forward, a big step in the Long March.

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La Chinoise quotes

  • Guillaume: I would like to be blind.

    Veronique: Why?

    Guillaume: To talk to each other better. We would listen seriously.

    Veronique: Ah yes. How come?

    Guillaume: By delivering language differently. Listen, language has changed its meanings in two thousand years.

    Veronique: So?

    Guillaume: So we would talk seriously. Finally, these real meanings would change words.

    Veronique: Ah yes, we would talk as if words were sounds and matter.

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    Guillaume: The day after tomorrow.

    Veronique: Maybe.

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    Guillaume: I love you, you know.

  • Kirilov: 'Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible.'

    Veronique: Yes, as imaginary aesthetics.

    Kirilov: Yes, but this imaginary does not reflect reality. It is the reality of surreflexion. One can hear statements like 'use only the three colours, the three primary colours, blue, yellow and red, which are perfectly pure and thus perfectly balanced' on the pretext that all other colours can be found in them.