La Chinoise movie plot

2022-07-06 17:50
One day in the second half of the 60's. A district of Paris. The banker's daughter Veronica held a meeting of the "Marxist-Leninist Communist Party" branch in a house borrowed by a girlfriend who had gone on vacation with her parents. A large number of small red books were piled up in the room, and some handwritten quotations from Shi Sanyazi hung prominently on the walls. In a radio broadcast from Beijing, Veronica announced the official establishment of the branch and named it "Ardennes-Alavia" in honor of Paul, the author of the novel of the same name who was expelled from the French Communist Party. Nizan. The members of the branch include the young actor Girome, the maid Ivona, the painter Kirillov and the college student Henry. Veronica's task for the branch was to "conduct a struggle on two fronts"   .
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La Chinoise quotes

  • Guillaume: I would like to be blind.

    Veronique: Why?

    Guillaume: To talk to each other better. We would listen seriously.

    Veronique: Ah yes. How come?

    Guillaume: By delivering language differently. Listen, language has changed its meanings in two thousand years.

    Veronique: So?

    Guillaume: So we would talk seriously. Finally, these real meanings would change words.

    Veronique: Ah yes, we would talk as if words were sounds and matter.

    Guillaume: That's... what they... are. Veronique.

    Veronique: Right. Let's start then.

    Guillaume: By the river.

    Veronique: Green and blue.

    Guillaume: Tenderness.

    Veronique: A bit of despair.

    Guillaume: The day after tomorrow.

    Veronique: Maybe.

    Guillaume: Literary theory.

    Veronique: A film by Nicholas... Ray.

    Guillaume: The... Moscow... trials.

    Veronique: Red... breast.

    Guillaume: Rock... and roll.

    Veronique: And so on.

    Guillaume: And so on?

    Veronique: And so on.

    Guillaume: I love you, you know.

  • Kirilov: 'Art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible.'

    Veronique: Yes, as imaginary aesthetics.

    Kirilov: Yes, but this imaginary does not reflect reality. It is the reality of surreflexion. One can hear statements like 'use only the three colours, the three primary colours, blue, yellow and red, which are perfectly pure and thus perfectly balanced' on the pretext that all other colours can be found in them.

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