"Chinese Woman" Movie Essay

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From this time, Godard began to get rid of the background of the New Wave and began to firmly explore the true meaning of socialism. He is an artist with political beliefs.

It is still a narrative structure of several acts separated by red and blue subtitles on a black background. The close-up hand at the beginning is comparable to "The Married Woman". Let's take some impressive words from the film: "Language is silence, I am me, acceptance is rejection, and our stories should be told by others". "Youth has nothing to fear. What is acting, a reflection on reality, like the real thing, honesty and violence are equally important, I am an actor who pursues silent lines. The actions of revolutionary parties are all policies, either wrong or right, Everything has a purpose. Why should the people's internal conflicts be handled correctly. Red Guards kill people. This is communism. When the sun goes down, my heart will never be depressed. Correct ideas fall from the sky. They come from practice. It comes from scientific experiments, no, it comes from class struggle. Class replacement forms history. Revolutions must constantly strive for perfection. Cultural policies are all for the ruling class. The party is not a liberal hand. Block universities with bombs. Revolution is terror. I may not exist tomorrow."

The film is a film with a strong political color. The film alludes to the dark elaboration of the socialist revolution in China and the Cultural Revolution, as well as the comical expression of the socialist movement in the Soviet Union. A large number of Chinese paintings, posters, photography and other media are used to assist the film narrative. Use a large number of interview reports with distinct background colors to objectively reflect and reveal the director's opinions. The background music has a strong oriental flavor, and everyone's words and actions are matched with the rhythmic opera stage drums and folk instruments to make the whole atmosphere relaxed and ironic.

The height of the film is beyond social capital or ism. Westerners, blacks and whites, students earnestly and casually discuss capitalism and socialism in the form of interviews, dialogues, and performances. The lack of blankness in reality seems to have a certain irony. The essence of capitalism is the shell of socialism. Pursuing a certain ideology will only result in the deformed development of society and people...

Although the film is full of Godard's narrative style, character monologues, close-ups, jump cuts, the use of red, white and blue colors of the French flag, which symbolizes freedom, equality, and fraternity, the compositional styles, the protagonist's peeking at the camera and the audience's dialogue, etc. Private styles. But Godard, who discusses class issues, is no longer wanton and naive.

The silhouette conversations of men and women on the train about political attitudes are lengthy and entertaining. Deconstruction of celebrity photo-political fun caricatures heralds a critique of class contradictions. The stream of consciousness wears less and less clothing and knocks on clear glass. The boy was bewildered, looked left and right and scratched his head at a loss. When we were young we rebelled against reality in search of the right class. After all, we all want stability, and terror only breeds anger.

The correct class ideology should be to serve people. Red books cannot save mankind, people need to save themselves. Put down the red book, close the red door, summer is over, the new semester has begun, the revolution is still going on, and the mind needs to save itself.

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