"Happiness" - this picture is too beautiful, I dare not look at it

Blaze 2022-07-04 18:32:25

Even though the film has come to an end, I still can't believe the ending. Perhaps it is the inertia of horror films that makes me look forward to some destructive and fresh things, but until the picture of the wife's body appears, it is so beautiful and tragic, which makes people know that hope is always more splendid. The beautiful scenery designed by the director is still vivid in my mind, and even the film is called "Happiness", which makes people look forward to it, but it is actually a film that "outlines happiness with hypocrisy, scribbling ordinary with indifference, and deceiving with deceit. Draw happiness and cover up the inner with appearances" is a black-bellied film.

It's like having a taste for Mozart when killing people, appreciating Beethoven when raping, reciting classic poems when committing a crime, and smiling on two nerves when despairing, except that other directors only occasionally add these contrasting factors. , and this "Happiness" is simply betting on the rope: the more happy, the more depraved.

A marriage sketch directed by a husband who cheated in pursuit of happiness, a third party who seduced to enjoy happiness, and a wife who committed suicide in order to make her husband happier, satirizing all the men and women in the world who can speak well but let their moral sense drain with their bodily fluids. . The days of spring, summer and autumn passed so quickly that they happily forgot that there was still winter.

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  • François Chevalier: [to Thérèse, his wife] If you're mad, I'll spank you.

  • Émilie Savignard: I love you too. I feel happy. Be happy too, don't worry. I'm free, happy, and you're not the first. Love me.

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