Le Bonheur movie plot

2022-07-04 21:39
Francois is an ordinary young man who works in his uncle's lumber yard, has a home in Le Bonheur, and takes his wife and children on outings every Sunday. When spring turned to summer, he went out to run errands and met Emily who was working in the post office. The two fell in love immediately, but Francois did not feel guilty and continued to deal with the two women. He felt very Le Bonheur, until one day he got carried away and told his wife about it, his wife only said one sentence "if you feel Le Bonheur like this", and then lay down on him for the morning. When he woke up, his wife had drowned. Whether it was an accident or suicide, no one knows. Later, Emily also went on an outing with the Francois family. Although it was the same as the outing with his wife before, he lost the innocence and cheerfulness of the past. At this time, the autumn in the forest was already very deep   .
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Le Bonheur quotes

  • Émilie Savignard: Tell me one thing - are she and I the same to you?

    François Chevalier: No, very different. You make love better, you have fun. It's like a new wine for me. My head is spinning and your pleasure is in my heart. Like with Thérèse. She likes making love too - but she's calmer. I'm the one who leads the game. She likes me to have fun with her. She's tender - always there - and our kids look like her. You see, I'm being honest.

    Émilie Savignard: Yes.

    François Chevalier: You taught me another game, we're more alike. Thérèse is like a hardy plant. You're like an animal set free. I love nature.

  • François Chevalier: You and I and the kids, we're like an apple orchard, a square field. Then I notice an apple tree that grows outside the field and blooms with us. More flowers, more apples. It adds up, you know.

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