Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow movie plot

2022-07-07 12:54
The film directed by famous director Vittorio de Sica is a stellar comedy, which can be divided into three parts. The first is about a woman who sells foreign cigarettes on the black market and never gets a taste of behind bars, because the law at the time said no arrests were made for pregnant women and women six months after giving birth. So after giving birth, she urged her husband to make love, so she escaped the fate of being imprisoned, but she ended up in jail because she failed to conceive. The second part tells the story of a rich woman who is obsessed with a writer younger than her. The two of them were driving a luxury car for a ride, and the car crashed because of the warm atmosphere between the two. The rich woman suddenly felt boring and stopped the car and drove away. The third part tells the story of a high-class prostitute who falls in love with a seminary student. The prostitute gets rid of the entanglement of her benefactor, but she cannot stand the pleas of the seminary student's old parents and has to break up with the student. After the students left, their benefactors were still put into the cold palace.
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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow quotes

  • Mara: But that granny will be crying tears of blood, you'll see.

    Augusto Rusconi: You must try to understand. Come here, come to Uncle.

    Mara: As if I felt like making love at a time like this!

    Augusto Rusconi: Come on, Mara. We'll go to bed and cuddle up together like good children. We won't even talk.

    Mara: I need to talk and let off steam.

    Augusto Rusconi: Okay, but in bed?

    Mara: I'm too mad. I'd be like a stone. Be honest, am I a scandal? Do I do it on the terrace?

    Augusto Rusconi: Fine by me! I'm willing to go out on the terrace! Like Nero looking over Rome.

  • Augusto Rusconi: Let's run away together.

    Mara: Who's chasing us?

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