Pleasure is light and thin

Lemuel 2022-10-11 18:19:12

Maybe it's not the most appropriate translation of this video to be happy. I don't know what the original meaning in French is, or maybe happiness is more appropriate?
Because happiness can be pursued, happiness is a weekend in the sun, a good meal after work, a coffee and a sweet kiss, the apple orchard is full of flowers inside and outside the garden, and it is ten arms hugging at the same time. To be tight is to love both plants and animals, to be gentle and wild, to be honest and to be affirmed.
Yes, this man is happy, he just wants to be happy.
She chooses to accept a lot of her husband's love and tell him that she can love him more, and then she doesn't have it herself. Yes, you can't ask a silkworm to spin silk and keep herself perfect, she has only herself and no one else is her only.
There will also be women to fill her place, men and children who love her, and the exact same routine, including watering the flowers, including going to the forest for weekends.
Happiness is light and thin.
As long as you don't think that you are the first or the only, you can get this light and thin feeling, you can fly like a balloon.
There will be many heavy things in life, these things pour into the blood, emotions, and make people sluggish, there will be no more light footsteps flying to the lover's house, and there will be no more light and thin happiness. If you want happiness, you can't even get happiness.
This man is very happy, he chops and assembles his life like a board, sawdust flying around, but in his hands he makes whole things, such as cabinets, tables and houses, yes, he is very good at making, even a Family. It's all the same rules.
I don't like his honesty very much. It seems that as long as he speaks out and hurts others' hearts, it is better than cheating. Is honesty the highest moral standard? If you're not facing someone like you, either you don't do it, or you don't say it. Don't be like a thief, stealing things and offering treasures.

ps: Three stars, why did I give so few, because I think the story is not good enough? Still can't stand the lightness? Yes, maybe my taste is a bit heavy. The photography style of this film is very interesting. The transition of the picture likes to use high-purity tones transition, like to put the characters behind the scene, as if nature is the first, people are just hazy and confused beings, the director is just in Show the plane of life, there is no depth, do not want to dig, right, if we only care about those light, thin, bright and bright things, it will be easier to be happy.

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