What is the cinematic feel? Talk about the picture and sound

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Hi everyone, welcome to Xiao Director's academic film, we hope that you can learn how to make more cinematic short videos by watching movies. Today we are going to share the French New Wave Grandma Varda and her [Happiness].

French New Wave director Varda's "Happiness" tells us what is the sense of cinema? _Tencent Video

Let's take a look at how the female director interprets the happiness she understands by comparing the opening and ending of happiness.

First let's look at the title part. From the title it has two sets of pictures. The first set of pictures is a happy family of four walking towards the sunflowers. The family of four is uniformly wearing red clothes. There was also a nasty bug on this sunflower.

The second set of pictures is a close-up of a sunflower.

Judging from the sound of the title, it is a group of very happy and happy music. At the end of the beginning, a more uncomfortable color in green is used to end this group of happiness.

In the middle of the story, the hostess committed suicide, and the second woman took the place of the hostess and became the new hostess. At the end of the film, let's take a look at its picture, the new hostess' family of four went back to the autumn tour.

So from the picture, it has become autumn with fallen leaves, and a family of 4 has also become two groups of red and yellow clothes.

From the sound point of view, although the music at the end is similar to the beginning, the music at the end is sharper and does not sound as comfortable as the beginning.

This is the female director Grandma Varda's understanding of happiness. You are welcome to communicate with me. I am Ana

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