Not bad for a low-budget movie

Leonor 2022-10-25 21:27:19

The film enters the theme "that spooky-looking hospital" at a very fast speed. I still like it very much. Unlike some films, it takes almost 50 minutes to set up a total of 100 minutes. Rory said a lot. heap. Once you get into the subject, you can quickly tell which people will be sacrificed earlier.
1. The heroine's boyfriend I think is very funny. A piece of glass was inserted into his right abdominal cavity. He actually pulled it out by himself, and he didn't stop even when he saw that the glass he pulled out was getting bigger and bigger. To pull out. . . According to ordinary people's thinking, no one should be able to do this, even if the wound doesn't feel very painful. It is common sense that if a sharp object is inserted into the body, if it is not a professional person, they will not go and pull it out by themselves.
2. The drug addict had hallucinations after taking the medicine given to him by a man full of tattoos, and later met the heroine. The heroine asked him to go with him to find her boyfriend. The drug addict refused and left by himself. Later, he met the heroine in a very dramatic situation. After that, he devoted himself heroically and created a chance for the heroine to live. Some people may think that the personality gap between before and after the drug addict is too big, but in fact, I think it is acceptable. Because when the drug addict met the heroine for the first time, wasn't he self-harming? His expression was also very dazed, which proved that the effect of his hallucinogenic drugs had not completely dissipated, and it was normal to be confused. When I met the heroine for the second time later, the effect of the drug had probably completely dissipated. And most American movies are promoting personal hero attention, and the behavior of drug addicts fits perfectly. Besides, without his sacrifice, how could the heroine have the powerful behavior in the back of the film?
3. Don’t ask so much for a low-cost movie, whether it’s because the plasma is too fake or there is a problem with the logic of the plot. Let's just let it go, it's a time-killing movie anyway, and I think it's pretty good.

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