Merle 2022-09-19 17:13:40

First of all, the translation of "Memories of Murder" is absolutely ridiculous. The phrase "Te doy mis ojos" is a love response, and "My eyes belong to you" seems more appropriate.

My artist Spanish teacher recommended it and I went to see it. The plot is not complicated, a story of love and hate, a husband with inferiority, afraid of losing his wife, and a woman who is deeply in love, from blindness to awakening. Both tried desperately to catch each other, but were always so close to being thrown into the abyss of pain.

I always feel very emotional, fate makes people, and two people who love each other do not always cultivate into a marriage. Trust may be the beginning of tragedy, jealousy may also be the turning point of fate, and feelings are between the lines, erratic. Where life will go in the end is the creation of the past life.

There are some tortuous love stories around me, only the person involved understands the heart, but because I have seen too much, I am detached, lazy, dull, and withdrawn. Just like this movie has no emotional ending, life can only be written by itself.

By the way, the two actors performed extremely well and were so explosive that for a moment, I couldn't find myself!

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