tangled in choice, tangled in choice

Fernando 2022-09-19 18:52:56

There are many themes about domestic violence, and as a woman, director Isiah Bolain's handling is more gentle and delicate. The director does not only focus on the family and children, but also adds two new sisters and widowed mothers. A key supporting role, and the two also represent traditional culture and modern thinking respectively. The heroine is tangled in the choice and also chooses in the tangle. In the film, as an incident representing the independent work of women, everything finally reached a critical point (domestic violence). , the only crazy performance in the film, the collapse of the police station and crying) The husband's self-mutilation instead strengthened his determination to leave. She chose to leave.
The performances of the two protagonists are accurate, especially the male pig, Louis Tosa, a middle-aged man who is narrow-minded, inferior and violent, growls like a beast and loves in the wrong way; while the female protagonist, basically uses his eyes And the body is performing, the kind of fear, trembling, and her incomprehension of her sister, her stubbornness, full of tension.
As the director's second feature film, it still takes a lot of courage to choose such a theme. As a female director, she may be able to better grasp the psychology of women's disadvantaged groups, so that more people can pay attention to these social issues related to women's rights. !

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