unexpected surprise

Laila 2022-07-10 15:08:00

When you see the little monster on the cover, you know it's a good movie.
When you see the little monster at the beginning, you know it's that one
Cai who didn't watch it. It's a pity
, but it's still pretty good to enjoy this surprise alone. The
director is the heroine,
Argento, who is so talented
. The person who plays the prostitute in the peerless beauty
is too sculptural. The
mobs like
Manson very much. It is better to make it more visually appealing. Instead, he accepts that
children are the best in acting because they can't act.
I also want to buy a big bathtub. bed to sleep

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The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things quotes

  • Older Jeremiah: [after being caught by Sarah, eating food in a dumpster she says was poison] But... but I don't wanna die.

    Sarah: You ate poison! You ate poison!

    Older Jeremiah: If I die, who will watch the walls?

    Sarah: You think I need you? You've done nothing but ruin everything for me. I was fine on my own until you came along. I sacrificed everything for you.

  • Young Jeremiah: [getting into the car after picking Jeremiah from the police station, Sarah lites up a cigarette] It's bad you smoke, my momma always says so

    Sarah: Is that what she said?

    [puts the cigarette out]

    Sarah: there.

    [blows smoke in Jeremiah's face]