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I always seem to like to read stories of people on the fringe, which makes me seem normal. In fact, thinking about what people have not said what kind of state is normal. I can say that the little boy is unfortunate, his mother is unfortunate, they are struggling in despair, there is no end, and they are waiting for the day when the corpse will be thrown on the street. I'm still very happy, I'm just struggling with worldly things, as long as I work hard, I can still eat, drink, hang out and play. Do I love watching this kind of film because it can set off my life is not so bad?

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The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things quotes

  • Older Jeremiah: [after being caught by Sarah, eating food in a dumpster she says was poison] But... but I don't wanna die.

    Sarah: You ate poison! You ate poison!

    Older Jeremiah: If I die, who will watch the walls?

    Sarah: You think I need you? You've done nothing but ruin everything for me. I was fine on my own until you came along. I sacrificed everything for you.

  • Young Jeremiah: [getting into the car after picking Jeremiah from the police station, Sarah lites up a cigarette] It's bad you smoke, my momma always says so

    Sarah: Is that what she said?

    [puts the cigarette out]

    Sarah: there.

    [blows smoke in Jeremiah's face]