FARINELLI - Peerless Enchantress

Ibrahim 2022-07-09 14:31:17

Who, with the voice of a night eagle, the singing of the soul, awakens the fragments of people who have been sleeping for thousands of years.

If Narcissus, without the reflection in the water, is a fatal injury.

Rain played an aria on the piano, and time wandered through his fingers.

Farinelli, Italy's most famous male soprano, uses high-pitched audio to tell the joys and sorrows of the world. He competed with the trumpet with a fast and difficult cadenza with vibrato, and the trumpet was exhausted and impressed.

His handsome appearance, fiery singing skills, mellow, brilliant, clear, and sharp soprano voice shocked all the people in the theater, making many people faint on the spot, weeping, and the Countess reached a musical orgasm.

Art ripped apart life. He is not a complete man, but he longs to live a normal life, enjoy the pleasure of sex, and the warmth of love, which he cannot get.

The Italian popular eunuch singers in the 18th century, just to preserve the bleak and sharp voice, like the sound of nature.

Opera, I have never been involved in it, it is difficult to understand, those nobles in the palace, dignitaries, when listening to operas, weeping like rain.

Peerless youth, drunk in his singing.

Is it art that breeds distortion, or pain that makes art.

When the sun was engulfed by the shadows, the king of Spain took his hand and said, Recall the sun, Farinelli.

The song "Let Me Cry" brings the sunshine back.

His end should not be a tragedy, because his soul is noble and he saved his brother.

The singing was so ethereal that even the nightingale trembled in the wind.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, castrat singers swept the whole of Europe. The castrat singers who had undergone strict vocal training had the height of a female voice, and the breath had the intensity of a male voice, with a woman's pure, soft, delicate voice and a man's deep voice. The energy, vital capacity and diaphragm support are amazing, and a sound can last for a minute, which is beyond the reach of ordinary singers.

Aside from Sarah Breman, it was this movie that made me appreciate the magic of opera.

The handsome and handsome Faranelli is actually still a pure man in his bones. His brilliance and achievements cannot relieve the pain and distortion in his heart in the slightest. Every time he showed his charming singing voice, it was just another time to show his imperfection in front of others, and to tear open the newly healed wound in his heart again. [Excerpt here]

Behind the perfection is the incomplete decadence.

Without the soul of music, there is a dead silence.

Perhaps, only the broken heart can send him to the peak of the treble and achieve his perfection.

If you are not a person who likes opera, because of this movie, like me, you will enter the palace of opera and enjoy the thoroughness and tranquility of that moment, which will wash away the sinking of Qianhua.

The movie left me with pain, swelled with sadness, but I couldn't let it go. Between the rushing torrents, there was a heart that was put into the dark forest.

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  • Carlo Broschi: I admire your nerve, madame, in daring to defy Handel.

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