This animation feels so underwhelming! The standard is too poor!

Delpha 2022-07-17 15:48:47

I can't stop watching 5 episodes! There is no juvenile inspiration, no thrilling moments, and no romantic vision in the film. No salient points! ! ! Even more unrealistic! Suitable for under 9 years old to watch! The details of the game are too exaggerated and the perception is low? does not exist? Nothing professional at all! There is no technical and tactical, now the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school know zone defense and man-to-man! Perception is not invisible at low levels! Physical fitness, technique, explosiveness, speed, accuracy. The protagonist who has none, was also commented as the best sixth person. I don't know what the author thinks! What made me even more annoyed was that during the game, the two of them even stood chatting. Is this a game or a chat? Kuroko's quick pass, without running and grabbing the position, he can easily intersperse and pass the ball when he gets rid of the defender! The defenders can't see him! No man-to-man defense! I see his passing like an old man playing on the street, only good pass! (Older people can shoot well)

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