A bird that cannot fly, a well without water, an alley with no exit

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It's a mix of stories and discussions, especially if you don't mind being spoiled, it is recommended to read the film after watching the movie

The story takes place in Greece, which is located in the southeastern corner of Europe.

The male protagonist, Kostis, boarded the island of Antipas by boat, and he was the new doctor on the island.

The mayor personally came to pick him up, introduced the situation on the island along the way, and brought Kostis to his residence.

It was a cold winter, and the scenery seemed quiet and lonely. The temperature is low, it is near the sea, and it is rainy. The gray-blue air seems to have a stinging mist floating in it, and there is no one on the street. The mayor said that in such a low season, there are a total of 800 people on the island (well, there are not many people in a middle school).

Costis, in his 40s, has thin hair, a mediocre face, and a bloated body. He looks sad. He hasn't smiled since he arrived on the island, and even when he was greeted by the mayor, his face was expressionless.

He walked into the residence arranged in the town, and in the darkness, he saw a small craft Christmas tree shining with colorful lights at the entrance.

The patients received at the clinic are basically elderly residents of the island.

Kirstis was eating alone in the restaurant, and the old man at the next table came to say hello, and told him that although winter was bad, summer would come soon. This island will become completely different, it will be very lively, there will be a lot of hot girls, it will be like a summer women's fair. There is also a nightclub on the island called La Luna (Italian, meaning "moon"), when the scene is lewd, I will take you there.

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Kostis usually buys frozen food from the town's commissary and eats it while watching TV at home.

New Year's.

At the party, no matter how enthusiastic the atmosphere was, it could not infect the sullen Kostis.

The mayor danced in the field, everyone clapped and sang, and he smoked indifferently until someone came and called him away.

Was called away because there was an emergency patient that needed to be handled. When we arrived, people had already left...

The rain kept falling, and Costis sat in his dimly lit room with the camera zoomed out. The festive lights on the window frame seem to freeze his silhouette into a painting.

Movie name out.

Thanks to the translator by the way. Independent translation of niche films is not easy!

There are cicadas and noisy conversations in the background, and English is vaguely heard.

Summer is here!

The heroine Anna, who was injured in an accident on a motorcycle, came to the clinic. She was 21 years old, with a beautiful face and a fit body. She came to this island for vacation. A group of friends accompanied her, poking around in the clinic, making troubles and making noises.

Anna has the characteristic frivolity of a young and beautiful girl who thinks of herself, "You are the best doctor in the world! MUA! You saved my life!"

"You made me laugh," Costis said. From the beginning of the film to the present, he smiles for the first time.

"Join us and you'll have more smiles," Anna said.

Kirsty muses...

In the next shot, he has reached the campsite.

This is a nudist beach, and most of the people are nude (a cloth-optional beach to be precise, you can choose to be naked or not).

Kirstis found Anna on the beach, and pretended to casually lay down a beach towel not far from them.

Anna turned her head in his direction, as if she saw him, but didn't say hello.

Costis took off his shirt and trousers, smeared a thick layer of sunscreen on the T-section of his face, and put on a sun hat (the kind that didn't look like he should go into the water), and turned back into the sea one step at a time, pinching After dipping his nose in the water, he pretended to have just finished swimming, and walked ashore directly towards Anna. The action of the design is done in one go.

Anna took off her sunglasses and called out his name.

Kirsty changed into his new clothes and went to the "La Luna" nightclub that he had heard about earlier.

The small group of young people seemed to accept him, and he also resorted to his uncle's trick: treat.

Dinner treats, nightclub treats. Since then, they have been officially mixed together.

On the beach, the young man asked Costis if he wanted to go to the pool party. Kirstis said I don't go to any pool parties.

The man next to him heard their conversation and came to say hello. He was a college classmate of Kirstis.

The old schoolmate, who met by chance, was naked and hugged Kostis warmly.

The two reminisce. The man said that he is now working as a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, and has a house on the hills of this island. He comes to vacation every summer, and sits there with his wife, daughter and nanny.

In an instant, the contrast between career and family was as sharp as charcoal on the snow, and the mental outlook of the two was also very different. The male classmate shone with confidence and completely crushed Costis.

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The male classmate said, you should go to that pool party, it was organized by a good friend of mine, and I will go too.

When Kirstis arrived at the party, the DJ shouted Mai to exaggerate the atmosphere of the audience, and it was lewd. Everyone would not refuse the wine and unfamiliar lips.

In the eyes of middle-aged doctors, all this should be ridiculous... People actively exchange saliva with strangers...

But Anna is different.

Kirsty kisses Anna, intoxicated by the "love-like" hallucination, and the time seems to be very long.

Suddenly, Anna's male friend came up and wanted to kiss Kostis. Kirstis pushed him away, rejecting the same-sex kiss.

Anna said angrily, "You either kiss everyone or don't kiss any one!"

Kirstis walked alone to the pool and sat and smoked.

A male classmate from the medical school came over and said, oh, I'm no longer suitable for this kind of party, how about you? Anyway, my wife likes it, and so do your friends.

Kostis, who had just hit the tin, sneered and asked, "Friends? I've only known them for a few days."

The male classmate then mentioned the same troubles as Chunjiao: "Is your pubic hair white?" (if you have watched "Chunjiao Saves Zhiming")

"There are some."

"Me too."

The two smiled wryly.

"You know, I didn't achieve my goals."

"Fine, man."

"Want another drink?"

"I'll get it, and we'll continue talking."

Three great sentences... The old classmate patted Kostis on the shoulder, got up and left, and followed the party's escape etiquette gracefully, leaving Kostis alone in embarrassment.

Do you remember the way the uncle pleases the young people mentioned before?


Kirstis went to the canteen to buy a bunch of beer and carried it to the beach. "Who wants to freeze beer?"

So, he became popular again.

The first intimate contact between Kostis and Anna came from a grain of sand blown by the wind.

Anna's eyes got into the sand, and the friend next to her coaxed, hey, it was said in "Lolita" that the sand got into the eyes, and you need to lick it with your tongue.

Costis said seriously that it was a rumor, but at the instigation of everyone, he still licked it.

Ana takes the initiative to find Costis and ask him to take her to a secret beach that only he knows.

Anna goes into the water naked.

Looking at Anna's swimming style, I thought: Well... it's time for a shark to appear.

of course not.

Anna's happy ending, presumably because one person monopolized the entire sea and was in a good mood, Dian Dian'er ran ashore to kiss Kostis and have oral sex, and the two of them did it.


Kirsty ejaculated prematurely.

"Summer is so long, you have time to make up for me." Anna left this sentence and rode away on a motorcycle, not even bothering to give permission for a kiss.

That night, Kirstis went to the nightclub without finding Anna. The next day, because of depression, I got drunk during the day and went to the campsite where Anna lived to pick up other people's tents. The tents were also empty.

He was smoking a cigarette and drinking beer, watching strangers play beach volleyball, and the naked and strong men running and jumping exuded youthful hormones.

The volleyball came, knocked over the beer, and the smoke got wet, and Kirsty said nothing and threw the ball back.

Anna, who once brought him happiness, and the group of young people were all gone, as if they had never appeared.

Five days later, Kirstis saw a boy among the young men smoking a cigarette leisurely outside his clinic. He asked, why didn't you tell me when you left? ! The young man returns, I don't know that we have to report to the doctor when we leave.

Costis ran to the campsite angrily, and Anna nonchalantly called out "my little doctor" and jumped on top of Costis.

In the past five days, the young people have gone to another island to play, and the uncle seems to have already turned over this article. After returning, Kostis's accusations made Anna and the group of young people feel tired again. They don't find it interesting anymore.

Kirstis used the old trick of freezing beer, but when the young man saw him from a distance, he began to pretend to sleep en masse. It doesn't hide the point of "we're not playing with you anymore".

Costis rushed to the women's bathroom in a rage to find Anna. The uncle kept asking, but Anna kept refusing.

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"They think they're cool, and I'm not. In a month, you'll forget their names, but I'll be with you forever," Kirstis distinguishes Anna from her friends, trying to use "forever" The safe word persuaded her.

The result was only ridicule, more disgust, and "I don't want to see you again."

Late at night, Kostis ran to the campsite where Anna lived.

The tent curtain was open and Anna was having sex.

During the day, Kostis continued to block her on the road, and once again confessed affectionately, "I'm in love with you, I want us to be together", with a face that was about to cry, Anna's friends laughed and applauded while watching a joke.

Kostis's work as a doctor on the island can be said to be relatively easy, and he can leave work at 3 pm every day. But judging from the sparsely populated environment, as the only doctor in the town, it seems that he should be more proactive in his work and have a good relationship with the residents.

Since meeting the young men in the summer, Kirsty's work ethic has gotten worse.

First, on the grounds that it was time to get off work, he refused to extend even 5 minutes, rejecting the old man who had been waiting in line for medical treatment.

Later, because the nightlife was too presumptuous, I was late for work, and made up a nonsense to fool the past.

The commissary owner kindly reminded him to no avail.

Recently, due to Anna's refusal, Kostis began to drink heavily during the day, and ended up hanging up the incoming emergency call in a daze.

When Kostis woke up and rushed to the clinic, the mayor was already dealing with the injured little girl.

The girl's mother was very angry, "If something happens to my daughter, I can't spare you!"

The mayor also scolded him.

He was fired.

That night, his friend who had been friendly with him also expressed his disappointment, simply comforting him and saying goodbye to him.

"Have a nice day" written on the restaurant's arch as Kirstis walked out of the restaurant.


The sun is burning, and Kirsty's heart has been burned to ashes.

The ashes seemed to scatter into the summer, obscuring the light.

The sun fades away, and the film returns to darkness at the end.

Kirstis returns to the clinic and unleashes his revenge.

And revenge didn't make him happy.

Like all those who use evil ways in mid-life crisis, what you think can save you will eventually throw you into a deeper nothingness.

Taking the rails out of the way, those who can hold it are those who just want to steal, and those who are insane and infatuated want to get the antidote through their lover.

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As a person who can't be considered young and is approaching his birthday, I can't help but feel envious when I come into contact with young people recently.

For example, a girl who has done manicures for me for a long time said, "Sister, sorry, I can't do your nails in the future. I have a client who asked me to go to her film and television company to help her manage the crew. It's a big drama, there are XXX and XXX." Or, I saw someone recruiting people in the circle of friends to go to Australia to pick apples, or go to Antarctica to work as a waiter.

I don't want to meet celebrities, be peasant women, or serve people, I just envy them for having more opportunities to experience the world.

Sometimes, it is inevitable that this will hurt for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, sanity will be restored.

When I told the story of Girls' Generation, my partner who was a few years younger than me also expressed envy: I didn't have the opportunity to do such a thing at that time, it's a pity.

Yes, after all, the youth that should be there has been. And everyone's youth is also marked by its own time and space, and it's all special.

How can you be so greedy in wanting to cycle through puberty all the time?

I saw a small video news on the Internet today: In the subway of Beijing Line 10, an aunt scolded two female college students who were wearing cosplay clothes as immoral. It's uncomfortable to see, sorry for the aunt.

I just think that as people get older, their understanding of the world must also grow. The so-called "advance with the times".

If you don’t keep improving (or keep being curious about the world), you will be left behind by the times and be an outsider forever. At that time, it will really be like what Haruki Murakami said in "The Record of Strange Birds": "In the forgotten and abandoned time, along the slow slope of time, it will move silently toward the doomed destruction. Slipping down."

Not cool, no one's to blame.

Looking at Costis' loser appearance and dejected attitude towards life in the film, it's really hard to say sympathetic words for him. Anyone who sees this pursuit is a wishful thinking that is doomed to fail.

After nearly a month of in-depth travel, it is inevitable to feel more dissatisfaction with the existing living environment.

Not that the destination country for the trip is perfect. There are bad things there too.

It's just that when I go to the shopping plaza that originally felt like a "big and beautiful life" on weekends and look at those smiling families of three, I will feel a little confused. What are you happy about?

Maybe I want too much.

But that's how the world is, isn't it? Disaffected people are always creating.

One day, you should be able to find your ideal life.

May you be too.

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