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Everyone twists the truth because of what they think

Go farther and farther on your own path

Whether or not you wake up in the end, it's useless

will board the black cargo ship that represents sin and remorse

Pharaoh believed that a nuclear war would break out. At the funeral of the joker, his memory was that the joker prevented him from saving the nuclear war. He regarded himself as the smartest and most beautiful (what the joker said), and thought the world was as he thought, so he killed 15 million Man came to "save the world". Just as the captain judged that his wife and relatives had been killed when he saw the dead body of his companion, he continued to be firm on the way home, so that after returning home, he had completely imagined the normal phenomenon as his own assumption.

Dr. Manhattan believes that he is "all-knowing and omnipotent". Like the captain, he only recognizes what he thinks. Being deceived by the Pharaoh without knowing it shows that it is not true.

Rorschach only recognized his own will, never compromised, and committed suicide for the so-called belief (same nature).

The only thing that has changed is the second generation of Silk Ghost and the second generation of Night Owl. They both changed and put on their masks again and became their real selves. One is not just to please Dr. Manhattan, and the other is showing good nature again. Both of them had a good ending in the end.

We have also experienced that we no longer listen to others, only indulge in ourselves, and rigidly analyze the problem to our own will, thus going to extremes

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  • The Sea Captain: I'd had swallowed too much sea water. I had swallowed too much horror.

  • The Sea Captain: I headed east. East, borne on the bodies of murdered men. Hope can be a horrible thing.