Who is the protagonist?

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If you want to say that the movie Watchman is believed to have been watched by all the friends who like superheroes, the legend of the black ship is a drama of Watchmen, that is, the comics read by the guys in the newsstand.

Many people have different opinions on the role implied by the protagonist. Some people think that it is Pharaoh, some people think it is Rorschach, some people think it is the joker, and some people think it is Dr. Manhattan.

Watchmen (2009)
2009 / USA / Action Science Fiction Mystery / Zach Snyder / Patrick Wilson Carla Gugino

First, let’s talk about the Pharaoh. Pharaoh is the smartest man in the world. He has been preparing his plan since the news broke that a nuclear war is about to start. He saved human civilization by sacrificing a small part of human beings. We all know the horror of nuclear war. If a nuclear war is really fought, it will definitely not be the sacrifice of this plan, so the pharaoh is sober and will not be the protagonist of the black ship.

Rorschach has a clown background but became Batman, "Never compromise" is his motto. Through the movie, we can probably guess that the watchmen's accusation is to maintain the stability of the world order. Rorschach was born in a devil-like manner. He was born into a poor family, beaten and scolded by relatives, and was spurned by others, all of which made him feel the darkness and injustice of this society, so that he was extremely vigilant and sensitive to others. His decisions are more fair and just because he hates lies. When Rorschach tried to make his lies public, he didn't realize that his actions would destroy humanity, but he would never compromise with what he thought was unfair.

The joker has already seen through the essence of the watchman, and the conclusion that "the watchman is a joke" has finally been confirmed, so he is by no means the object of the protagonist's suggestion

As a watchman, Dr. Manhattan is the strongest and can manipulate anything at will. He has already seen the essence of the world and gave up this world (except for the second generation of Silk Ghost). Of course, in the end, he gave up everything on earth after taking the blame.

Watchmen: Legends of the Dark Ship (2009)
2009 / USA / Animated Short Action / Mike Smith Daniel DelPurgatorio / Gerard Butler Cam Clark

Rorschach tries to save the world, but ends up deviating from the real way to save humanity, so in my opinion, Rorschach is what this show is alluding to

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