calm expression

Natalia 2022-08-21 19:33:30

From the beginning to the end, the expressions of the characters are not very sad or happy, they are all calm faces, at most one glances up; even if they are beaten, robbed and arrested along the way. Although the film is not long, it is a bit boring at first glance.
My favorite son. Finally, he calmly put down the phone, put on his jacket, carried an old suitcase, and went out without saying a word. It's pretty cool that a precocious child can mature to this level, isn't it?
In the end, I got rid of all kinds of troubles and succeeded. When the family took the boat to the big boat, the background music was over the rainbow, but I saw the night city in that scene, which was very ghostly.

It was called the Ascension, and it was the last ship that helped them escape from right and wrong to Mexico. When I didn't watch the movie, I thought it was the name of a rocket or a space shuttle. Later, near the end, the heroine picks up her son, and it starts to rain when they get out of the car door. At the time, I thought this scene felt right. And they accelerated toward the beginning of their new life with a rumbling thunder that sounded like a rocket was about to launch.
Although the ending is good, I don't know if it should be called a comedy.

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