Cold humor is always mixed with a touch of sadness

Lizzie 2022-10-15 22:13:48

Aki's film is like an angry young man who likes to tell bad jokes. In his jokes, people are accustomed to silently accepting hurt and restraining to the point of being numb and trembling at the last explosion. "Looking at the world with cold eyes" in Aki's film always has a different and more complicated taste. Although the method is still concise and concise, this film seems to have a playful interpretation of the impermanence of life, and the sunshine can also be seen in the dark humor. . The length of more than an hour is also one of the reasons why Aki's film has won my heart (laughing)

Stories with similar themes Aki can always shoot his fixed but never tired form. This film belongs to the mode of first cold and then warm. The cold humor is always mixed with a touch of sadness. The prison break in the film should be It's the coolest in movie history!

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  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What are those?

    Mikkonen: Sedatives.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What for?

    Mikkonen: Ask me again in a year.

  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What do you do normally?

    Mikkonen: What do you mean by "normally"?