Guess the murderer after ten episodes

Guido 2022-09-18 18:11:32

Damselfly's long comments can't be answered unless you use the app. However, I am the most ugly person, so my choice is: no damselfly at all. ----------------------------The full text will be moved in 2021--------------- ---- I have psychological shadows of "Guess (Husband/Murderer)" series of tvN, "unfinished" and "forcing the ending for you, no matter how round it is", so I don't plan to write it lightly .

Now until the tenth episode, there is no sign of collapse - such as the emotional drama of men and women dragging the shed, just washing black and white - appearing, then you can write about it.

When I started masturbating, I just thought "it's still interesting, at least the pace is fast, the characters are not exaggerated, and it's just for drinking." I really have a good impression of this drama. It was the time when Huang Jian went to the hospital to visit Yong Rizai. Yongtai Babadi chased him out of the ward to find him as his son-in-law. At that time, Huang Jian suspected that Yong Jian had something to do with Park Wucheng's death, and wanted to find out some information about Yong Jian's ex-boyfriend from Yong Tai, but Yong Tai naturally completely misunderstood. My height (laughs).

I especially like this little cutscene (and the dinner scene in episode 9, everyone's reaction). If you can't reach it, it's often on this. Yong Tai is anxious to marry his daughter's heart and Huang Jian's attitude of "I know what you want to do, but you stupid mortals can't get me" attitude. After taking over, he conveys necessary information to the audience and also creates a sense of humor. .

Labeled as "no emotion" at the beginning, it's easy to go on the path of "Mukou Muxin Muxin" or a slight Asperger's routine. But Huang Jian is not. He knows that normal people will want to live or die for love (and if he doesn’t understand, he asks police officer Han for details without any obstacles), he understands Yongtai’s desire to make CP for his daughter, and he knows that Yongjian treats him It's just that he is incompetent to receive the signal and give feedback.

But when necessary, he can and is willing to cooperate with you in acting. And it's not embarrassing, and he doesn't feel "embarrassment" anyway.

Only when this feature of the male protagonist is established will the plot be established later. Huang Jian knew that "everyone does things for another person, because with this pertinence, they will reveal flaws in emotional affairs." But not himself. It will not affect his judgment and decision-making on the event itself because he likes or hates a certain person. Therefore, other people's feelings have become Achilles' heel in Huang Jian's eyes, and Huang Jian's own body is soaked through the water of the Styx.

Police Officer Han is another. She never targets anyone. Coworkers may take bribes, so proceed with caution. If the director has an affair with a minor, he should persuade the director to apologize. Don't think of someone as a thorn in the eye because someone has done something she doesn't approve of, and make a foolish thing to understand the grievance and revenge regardless of the overall situation. I don't even open the halo to the person I like (?), so I got a picture of Quan Minya's uniform from Huang Jian, so I naturally suspected him - in front of the victim, there is only evidence. That's why she didn't get caught in the first ten minutes by Huang Jian's urine and gas. Instead, the two naturally developed a sense of trust.

After all, in the aspect of "right things and not people", she and Huang Jian have the same goal of "no desire, then rigidity". That leaves the topic of "social justice" out of the way. Huang checked because he was a prosecutor, and Officer Han checked because she was a police officer and did her own thing in her own position. They are natural guardians of order and principle. The motives of the characters are simple and clear, and there is no room for swaying, so it is possible to spread the net so much in a dozen episodes.

The other people have different personalities, and their performances on the scene are different (several group scenes in the ninth episode are especially obvious), and the logic and style of speech and work are different. All have been maintained, and there is still no OOC.

So far, the biggest shortcomings of this show are three: everyone loves to eavesdrop too much and it is too easy to be eavesdropped, which is unscientific (it's quite... realistic to look through colleagues' offices); Xu Jian's people It's supposed to be more exaggerated (so it can't be a big S, right), but a fine prosecutor won't react like a rose copper bell eye when encountering a big or small matter, the acting skills are really too unremarkable; Pei Doona has a style She has a personality. Whether you think she has a face or not, she is self-willed. Can the faces and makeup of other actresses follow the route of life, and the second girl looks like an idol drama every day.

PS one hair: I personally like to smile. But once the corners of the mouth rise, it becomes a scourge. Liming Da is the ancestor of the natural smile petal mouth. But this lip shape is in harmony with his facial features, so no one noticed that there was such a selling point on his face at all. The corners of the mouth that are too abruptly raised, whether it is natural or acquired, all give people a "sudden" feeling of discomfort.

Speaking of this time, we can guess the murderer.

There are currently two cases. I didn't remember all the details because they were all drunk. Generally as follows.

The first was on January 16, 2017 (?) Park Moo-sung was hacked to death at home. The murderer first found out that there was a former convict Jiang Zhenxie near Park's residence, who made a living by repairing TVs. Then he lurked in the deceased's house and damaged the TV. After the deceased contacted the TV company to send someone, he killed Park. He pretended to be the dead and opened the door for Jiang Zhenxie.

The second one was in April (?) in April 2017 (?) Park Moo-sung's "bell" Kwon Min-ah (Kim Ga-young), who used to "entertain/threaten" public prosecutors, was ambushed near his residence. The killer stunned Kwon with a stun gun and took him away. She deliberately threw her cell phone in the alley for Xu Jian to pick it up. Then he transported Quan to Park's residence, tied her in the bathtub and stabbed her.

If you want to kill Quan Minya, you don't need this Zhou Zhang at all. Obviously, it is to make things worse and let the media put pressure on the local inspection (off topic, every time you watch a Korean drama, you have to roll your eyes: Korean media are all headliners, no matter how exaggerated it is). Then, the first case was planned so tediously, of course, it was not "a slap in the face after killing someone". The murderer is hoping to pass the local inspection and cause unjust, false and wrongful convictions, and cause social repercussions, so as to find out the huge net of interests behind Park Wucheng. The sequel to Quan Minya came out after discovering that this trick didn't work.

Therefore, it is superfluous for the famous detective Mr. Huang Shimu to ask Quan Minya, "Is the murderer from our side". For the first case to follow the murderer's design, the police must arrive before the police, and the police who arrive must be Huang Shimu. Otherwise, based on the relationship between Park Wucheng and the police station and the local prosecutor, this case will not be broken no matter how it is broken. Only when Huang Shimu is firmly involved can we be able to perform a series of social news after the performance.

The murderer can find the ex-convicts around Park's residence, know that Huang Jian and Park Wucheng met on the same day, and the most important thing is that he knows Huang Jian's character, behavior and behavior.

The murderer works in the local inspection, but he is determined to expose the net of interests behind Park Wucheng. There are three possibilities: 1. The murderer has a strong sense of justice and cannot understand the corruption of the public prosecutors and the law; 2. The murderer is a faction that opposes Li Changjun. With the help of Park's case, Li Changjun's family was brought down; 3. The murderer suffered a loss because of this interest group, so he took revenge.

Park Moo-sung may have said "death is more than worthless", but Quan Minya is innocent - not only innocent, she is also a victim herself. However, in order to achieve his goal, the murderer does not know how to sacrifice the young girl, so the "righteous man" can be ruled out. Park Wucheng was hit three times, and Huang Jian judged that it was either a vendetta or an indiscriminate killing. If it was a factional struggle, killing does not need such an emotional response. So, the murderer came for revenge.

If it was caught by the Park family, why not wait for Huang Shimu to file an investigation and seek an explanation through formal legal means? Huang Jian answered this question in the second episode and Yin Ke in the ninth episode.

Even if Mr. Park stood up to testify, there was a lesson from the Busan case-even if the bribe-giver jumped out to testify, the officials would protect him in the end. In the case of Yong Rizai's bribery, even the special investigation team was dismissed. If everything goes according to the process, it will inevitably be the same in the end. Only by mobilizing the media and public opinion can the special investigation team be established, and only by letting Huang Shimu preside over the investigation can the deep roots under the tree be dug up. Only by uprooting will the perpetrators be truly punished, instead of changing positions after the passage of time and re-mixing themselves (speaking of this, is there any sense of deja vu).

However, why must it be Huang Shimu? Huang Jian was not sure whether Yong Il-jae accepted the bribe until he found conclusive evidence. Why is the murderer so sure that Huang Jian has nothing to do with Park Moo-sung? Huang Jian had a word with Police Han-Park Wucheng told him personally that only two people had refused to entertain him in the past seven years. Not one, not three, but two. This line and this number are by no means casual. One of them is Huang Jian. So the point is, who is the other one? Did Pu Wucheng also tell that person, "It's only you and Huang Jian who have refused me to entertain you in the past seven years"?

Knowing that everyone's brain capacity is not enough, the screenwriter specially reorganized the timeline in the ninth episode. In 2013, Xu Jian acquitted Park Wucheng, who was drunk and hit-and-run (according to Li Changjun’s memory of killing him, this sentence was also advocated by him), and Park Wucheng began to freely enter and leave the local inspection (judging from this, Park Wucheng is in the three divisions of the Public Procuratorate Law, final entry inspection). In 2014, Lee Chang-joon's father-in-law used a bribery case to squeeze out Yong Il-jae. The special investigation team to investigate the bribery case was quickly disbanded (indicating that there was a higher level of intervention at that time), and all the personnel involved in the case were dispatched (Huang Jian was sent to Qingzhou), and the head of the special investigation team at that time Jiang Yuanjie- Immediately in the future, the head of the third department of the Western District Prosecution Department, and the direct supervisor of the Yellow Inspection Department - chose to endure dormancy in order to make a comeback. Since then, Pu Wucheng has been free to enter and leave the western district inspection (judging from this, Pu Wucheng is in the three divisions of the Public Prosecution and Law, and finally entered the inspection). In November 2016 (?) Huang Jian witnessed Park Moo-sung instructing Quan Minya (who was still underage at the time) to "entertain". The video shows that Quan entered Li Changjun's room and left hand in hand with the Yongsan police chief 12 minutes later. Later, Park Wucheng, who was riddled with debts, threatened to sue, and Huang Jian began to contact him.

Therefore, the person who killed Park Moo-sung and injured Kwon Min-ya had a feud with the Park family before the end of 2016, and mastered the Park family's residence, living habits (such as what clothes to wear at home), and housing structure between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. , Resident status and activities around the residence - Jiang Zhenxie, a former convict who attempted suicide while serving a sentence, and the driver who parked the car opposite Park's residence.

This man is much! Have! idle! Looking at Huang Jian's usual workload, which prosecutor has the time to process this information in two months? ! Moreover, the day of Park's case was a working day, and the murderer took off to arrange everything because he received the news that Park's case was going to meet with Huang Jian, and the time was too free. I've been waiting for the episode to give this info.

Episode 9 lived up to my expectations - according to the head of the department, section head Yin took a long break due to the death of his child in a traffic accident (almost between April and May 2016), "just came back recently. ". Yin Ke's first appearance was after Kang Jin-sub committed suicide, that is, after April 2017. It can be inferred that Yin Ke should still be "resting" when Park was killed, and naturally had a lot of time. Minister Jiang Yuanjie admitted that he had eaten with Park Wucheng, but he wanted to bring Li Changjun off his horse (Lee once hinted that Jiang Tong's "ministers often gather for dinner" had other plans), and was still secretly investigating the Yong Il-jae case. Jiang Bu asked Huang Jian to "be nice to Chief Yin, he is really good", and it can be determined that Yin Ke is another person who refused Park's hospitality. When questioning Kim Tae-kyun, Kim said that Yin Ke was "strong", and closed the "Kong Wu-power" setting of tying the unconscious Kwon into the bathtub, and the death of the only son is enough to be a tipping point in any drama.

There are motives for committing crimes, time for committing crimes, and conditions for committing crimes. Yin Ke is the most suspicious of all the characters in the show.

But there are flaws in this reasoning. The police found that Jiang Zhenxie was not the murderer and made the unjust case public. Jiang Zhenxie committed suicide after sending a letter of vindication to the local prosecutor. These are the two key factors that made Park Wucheng's case bigger. But how does Yin Ke know that there is a police officer Han in the Longshan Police Station (if it weren't for the police officer Han, it would be useless to leave bloodstains), and how can he further induce Jiang's?

The answer is: Kim Jong-Bon. Both Huang Jian (and the audience) found this long-lost "middle school classmate" to appear in front of Huang Jian too frequently after Park's case. Not only that, when Huang Jian's neurological problems in his youth were rampant, it was also Kim Jong-ben's speech that stopped the Internet's doubts and attacks on Huang Jian's personality. In the ninth episode, he had a very different attitude towards Police Han (he took the lead in applauding after Police Han introduced himself). And this person is set as an idealist with no discernment (the dinner scene, and the witnesses who asked Han police to help find Park Qingwan's case), the ability to plan and execute Park Wucheng's case is definitely not enough, but it is very easy Be exploited.

It should be Yin Ke who did the case of Park Moo-sung and Quan Minya, and Kim Jong-ben manipulated Jiang Zhenxie and the media without knowing the inside.

The final question is: How deep is Lee Chang-joon's roots? He is not a vicious person, and he didn’t want to be entertained by Park Moo-sung in the first place. Even after taking bribes, he still didn’t attack Quan Minya. I mean), I can't see Xu Jian in my belly button. Just got caught and wanted to climb up.

From the Deputy Chief to the Prosecutor General, he is now the person in front of the President. It must be impossible to say that it is all based on personal strength. This drama hacked the police, hacked the prosecutors, and also used Park Qingwan to hack a handful of the army, which can be hacked to the Blue House. Could it be that the boss behind the scenes is the president himself? Do you want to solve last year's Park Geun-hye case?

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