007 Ghost Party: Oscar-level wiping

Geovanny 2022-03-20 09:01:12

It took nearly 10 years for Daniel Craig to truly become 007 in various senses through the shaping of 4 films.
But for an actor, especially an 007 actor, this time is too extravagant.

When a popular character can be remembered for 20 or 30 years, it must be a legend; when a popular character can be exciting for 50 years, it has become culture.

The former such as "Back to the Future" and "Jurassic Park", the latter such as the American Emperor "Universal Infinite" X2, the British Emperor besides "Doctor Who Are You", there is a Jie Shi, ah no, James Bond.
After the new millennium, this edition of James Bond slammed into the two mountains of screenwriters' strike and lack of originality. Compared with his predecessor Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig has very few representative works before and after his selection. The "Resistance Army" that followed the trend in 2008? "Golden Compass", a friendly guest appearance in 2006? "Cowboys and Aliens" can only be regarded as an advanced game ticket, "Dream House" is nothing more than a token of love.
Fortunately, there is also an Oscar-level "Girl with Dragon Tattoo", but with the transference of David Fincher, who never made a sequel, his future fate is still unknown.
But from another perspective, Daniel Craig's 007 is indeed the most perfect 007 of our time. Even the most perfect 007 after Sean Connery.
From the mixed reviews of "Casino Royale" to the bad review of "Quantum Crisis", the unspoken young-tooth plot is full of speechless cliche, and it wasted Daniel Craig's attention to character sculpting.
However, we have "Crisis in the Sky."
Three years ago, the Tianmu Manor campaign not only won a global box office of 1 billion, but also won a lot of praise. Oscar and BAFTA were chatting and laughing, and this outdated agent who couldn't find the North seemed to have suddenly become the grandmaster and amateur hero who has been with everyone for 50 years.
And the initiator of all this is Sam Mendes. With the double aura of the 50th anniversary and the London Olympics, the Queen of England has all come to promote it. It happens that the chef is a good cook. No matter how you look at it, it is the British orthodox "Crisis in the Sky". In addition to paying tribute to the story of "Mission Impossible 1", I filmed "The Dark Knight". I have to say that it is a serious Oscar blessing. It's a good show, but it can be put in a blockbuster commercial action, and it is very different from the Guyrich and his like.
The "Ghost Party", which has been sharpened for three years, is even more appetizing.
Don’t you see that Daniel Craig hasn’t made any other films in three years.
"The Ghost Party" has an epic amazing length and provides all the elements that any fan wants from the 007 series-and it has been fully refurbished. After experiencing two less arresting and a bit gloomy 007, "The Ghost Party" finally clarified one thing: even if it is a running account, it should be shot like this. Returning to the origin of Ian Fleming, 007, standing in the forefront of the times and down-to-earth, finally merged into one, and it was a sudden step to take a step forward.
"The Ghost Party" is far from James Bond's last adventure, but a love letter full of fun to the classic 007 movie, with a moderate amount of current political irony interspersed between the lines. The movie is full of retro classic atmosphere from details to the bridge: icy environment, exciting car chase, props blasting, train and bundled play, of course, the evil, cute and charming villain who carries out love and reality is indispensable. Thomas Newman's results in this film are more brilliant than those of "Bridge of Spy", but perhaps the most impressive thing is the directorship of Sam Mendes. Scenery scenes, fierce and powerful and oppressive action scenes, even in a simple first encounter between pros and cons, reveal a sense of inner tension. This kind of tension lingers in every moment of "The Ghost Party", even if there are not many suspense enough to support a full story in the two and a half hours. For more time, the director has been busy recovering clues from the first three parts to fill the small puddles in this episode.
And this seems to remind the audience repeatedly: Do you think this episode is thin? That's because you didn't watch the first three episodes carefully.
This is a bit wrong.

The success of a 007 movie depends largely on the complexity of the male protagonist. Although Daniel Craig has proven himself through "Casino Royale" and "Skyfall Crisis", his understanding and knowledge of the characters does not seem to be of much help in "The Ghost Party". We have seen James Bond who is more confident, but not so rich. In other words, as a senior humanoid self-propelled gun, this wild gentleman who has practiced and added a parkour skill tree seems to be a bit too brainy for the first time.
Of course, this is not to say that James Bond must be bitter, the superhero on the screen is based on breaking XX in a seemingly absurd conspiracy. But Daniel Craig's efforts so far have served a hardcore agent with both realism and strong drama, and have won unanimous praise from fans. On the basis of more than 50 years of similarities and differences, it is also the overall tone set by this freshness at the beginning of the succession. In fact, I am very happy to see James Bond no longer chirps like "Quantum Crisis" and has no true love. The final performance of "Skyfall Crisis" is very moving and restrained. And "The Ghost Party" is more nostalgic than "Crisis in the Sky", not only brings back the brainstorming mode of traveling around the world, two female characters full of suspicion of sexism, and a rather superficial image of the villain: Dave Ba Although Tista's role is extremely functional, it is still a bit simple.
And even a behind-the-scenes player at the level of Christopher Waltz is hard to satisfy. Since "Crisis in the Sky", Silva of Javier Baden has basically taken the top spot in history. If you want to be more violent than this full of affectionate brotherhood, you can't do it without some real materials.
Then I copied a short cut.
Christopher Waltz has a lot of space for his role, but he didn't show the wisdom he deserved, and he didn't leave a deep impression. From the current point of view, Christopher Waltz is still a bit difficult to use except for the ruffian Kun. The villain in "The Ghost Party" does not seem to be dangerous except for Yin. And this is not a problem of the character, but a problem of the whole script. The NSA prism door of the "Mission Impossible 5" crashed again was just scribbled, and there was no willingness to dig at all.
In fact, Christopher Waltz's image in this film is very similar to the villains of other modern action movies-with a sense of distance, ruthless and calculating. But apart from that, there are no more dry goods other than Fan Er in "Ghost Party" for display.

In the two-and-a-half-hour "Ghost Party," the director generously left Christopher Waltz with three scenes, but none of them were satisfactory. The idea of ​​the scene is good, but the character is weak. The only achievement of "The Ghost Party" in terms of villains is that we miss Comrade Silva of "Crystal Crisis" so much.
The villain doesn't just need to talk and talk about it. It took several stitches, but there is no reason.
It seems that he is just a serious scientific researcher.
Although Moriatti was here to fight, it didn't seem to be of much use.
Speaking of seriousness, the tone of "The Ghost Party" is chaotic. Although the scenes and emotions presented can please the audience, they are not enough to support an excellent and clever movie. Even though many action scenes are based on wrong logic, they are all left behind for spectacular visual effects. It seems that "Sky Behind Crisis" hasn't blown up yet, or that Sam Mendes is eager to achieve the achievement of "Directed Blasting Master". Every explosion, speed chase, and gunfighting scenes have gone to the extreme of entertainment, full of meticulousness. The sense of design has lost any possibility of surprise and tension. And this situation appeared time and time again: Mexico retreats from the riot, the Roman luxury car racing did not even scratch, the two charges suddenly rushed to a base and took a Guinness record. After a few times, my mind didn't even feel dizzy.
After all, true love is invincible.

The film’s efforts in creating content and the effect of presentation often do not match, and there are also big problems in the rhythm, which is quite uneven, especially before and after the third act of the film, a desert version full of grooves is successively presented." "Death Star Vent" and "Die Hard 3"-style finale are simply unreasonable. Without the head of the gold medal photographer Roger Dickens, he replaced Nolan’s colleagues for many years to do photography and editing. Although a very stunning long shot was provided for the opening, it is also likely to be the dull tone of this fake model. The culprit. To a large extent, "The Ghost Party" successfully paid tribute to many classic Bond films, while still providing a lot of new impetus. Compared with previous solo fights, Sam Mendes’s 007 pays more attention to the grasp of group roles, and the images of M, Q and Miss Qian are established more firmly, which provides a very valuable wealth for future potential sequels.
Looking back on the 10-year adventure, "The Ghost Party" tried to put an end to this long origin story. And as a long and far from perfect 007 movie, at least for this purpose, it is accomplished: embracing the old school's formula 007, and introducing new story elements-
how are you embarrassed to order bicycles?

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