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Mason 2022-03-27 08:01:01

The translation into "The High School Principal Conspiracy" is absolutely misleading. It seems that the plot has little to do with the principal played by the old cloth, right?

Seeing Misha, looking at that pair of loofahs with a twisted flavor, I thought it was Yingying, but it wasn't until Lao Bu shouted at America that he began to doubt it.

It's really nondescript for Lao Bu to play such a role. It neither highlights the meaning and space of a tough guy, nor does it show the required literary and artistic acting skills. It is a complete failure...

Misha should be familiar with such roles, but she is not too old in theory, but no matter how you look at it, it doesn't feel like she is still a high school student? Although Europeans and Americans are precocious, I really thought she was almost 30! Or it's really too much drug use! ?

The editor-in-chief of the school newspaper played by Melonie was called "difficult" by the male pig, but I'm afraid that apart from that kind of face, it makes people look ugly, and there is nothing special about it?

Only the male pig is a bright spot. He interprets the erotic diaosi who are indomitable and daring to reveal the truth and occasionally have a spring, especially the appearance. It seems that all the women in the play are still attractive and feminine! The few brothers around him who are not close friends also feel that they are doing well.

On the whole, the plot is relatively ordinary, not even that much, because Misha's female pig, from the moment when she abandoned the former student union president boyfriend and turned to the male pig's arms and looked indifferent to the truth, I am afraid everyone is already suspicious. The object of her, plus she is very "close" to the new chairman, the ending that you can guess... The only thing that may hinder the understanding of the truth is that some versions have cut off some places for harmony. Especially at 80min and 85min Misha was taking a bath... It's a conspiracy that has nothing to do with the high school principal...

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Assassination of a High School President quotes

  • Bobby Funke: Look Clara... I am the best writer you got.

    Clara: Bobby, you've never finished an article.

    Bobby Funke: [sternly] Well, are you going to give me this one, or not?

    Clara: ...No.

    [awkward pause]

    Bobby Funke: Do you want to come to Homecoming with me, then?

    Clara: [smiles] ... No.

    Bobby Funke: [narrating] Clara was one tough cookie. All I wanted was a taste.

    [Funke sighs and walks away]

  • [first lines]

    Bobby Funke: [narrating] You want to know the truth about high school? You've got to break it down into its elements. Unfortunately, at St. Donovan's, the periodic table is more crooked than a case of scoliosis. Just give me the chance and I'll set it all straight. Case in point, Spanish homework. "Dame un batido de esperma" does not mean, "Take me to the airport." It means, "Give me a sperm milkshake." And 22 kids gave that as an answer in Spanish 3 last week. I'm not sure about the milkshake, but somebody is sure feeding us something sticky. Every clique on campus is copying the same damn homework. Burn-outs, pretty boys, drama-dorks, jocks, debaters, player-haters, you name it. Oh, it's big, all right. And I'm on it like pink rubber bands on your little sister's braces. The name's Bobby Funke. I write for the paper.