Assassination of a High School President movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
A high school flower asked a reporter from a second-year school news agency to investigate cheating in the SAT (abbreviation for Scholastic Assessment Test, a test that American high school students must take to enter American universities, and its importance is equivalent to China's college entrance examination).
Speaking of the middle school period that everyone will spend, it may be the most important years in everyone's life, but it is not necessarily full of laughter and laughter with classmates and friends, or carefree with friends. It’s also possible that when you come home after getting into trouble because of naughty, you see your parents’ angry faces, and even sometimes, it will become ugly and difficult. , and as complex as a conspiracy to subvert state power.
Bob Fink (Reece Thompson) is a student at Santo Novans High School and a budding school newspaper reporter. One day, senior school girl Francesca (Mischa Barton) asks Bob Funk to help her track down who stole the SAT (the American high school entrance test for college admissions), and after some verification, Bob Fink, He has identified President of the student union Paul Moore (Patrick Taylor)! As a result, Funk became the most popular person in the school, no longer a little boy who just entered the school and didn't understand the world. He has earned the respect of everyone, from the big boys at school to the guys who gossip about him in class.
When Francesca took him to an alumni reunion, and even some of the corruption within the school disappeared, Bob Fink felt more and more comfortable here. But the high school wasn't always as peaceful as it seemed. As Fink's profile grew, so did his questions. Did the chairman really steal the exam questions? Is there any reason or truth behind it? Or is Bob Fink himself just a frizzy pawn being exploited in this gigantic conspiracy? To find out more about the truth, Fink decides to investigate the dirtier, darker conspiracies behind the chairman scandal. The school board, department heads, and school basketball star and fraternity boss Christopher Emmanuel Paul (Patrick Taylor), everyone seems to be involved. With fledgling vigor and the courage to find out the truth, Fink must get this conspiracy done before it gets him. 
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  • Scotty 2022-04-01 09:01:18

    Translator too times, the president should be the president of the student union

  • Jaylon 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Except for the bunch of handsome guys, and Bruce Wills' embarrassing performance, this movie is just like that....... Refresh my opinion of Mi Lijian high school students again Low IQ, stupid cognition

Assassination of a High School President quotes

  • Bobby Funke: [Narrating] Their alibis were like dutch ovens - gamy, but air tight.

  • Tad Goltz: He didn't give you a whole lot? How could he not give you a whole lot? Look at the guy, people love him. He's fucking JFK, he's smart, he's charismatic, he's good looking, he's a tenacious athlete.

    Bobby Funke: I am sorry, Tad. I didn't realize you felt that way about him. Sad.

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