Assassination of a High School President serious comedy

2022-03-27 08:01
At first glance, "Assassination of a High School President" seems to contain many elements of movies, such as youth campus themes, realistic themes that criticize the current society, or horror and suspense. It makes people feel a little "four different" themes, the screenwriter of the film Tim Calpin said: "This film is essentially a very 'realistic' story. The main meaning of the word reality is reflected in the authenticity of the story. There are a lot of movies out there now that talk about high school life, but most of these movies focus on how the protagonist laughs with friends and chases down female classmates, and basically doesn't talk about other things about high school life. I think it's true This is not the case in the case of me, for example, I have many friends around me, and I had a very unhappy time in high school. Many so-called problems that I will encounter only when I go out of society have actually happened as early as on the campus of high school, such as competing for rankings or Other honors and intrigue with classmates, such as being bullied by other skin-colored classmates in school, and even rising to the level of racism. These things are common, but the current film workers seem to like to use it when it comes to campus themes Written as a story with a strong comedy, I think it is more one-sided, so I have this story."
If a campus theme is too serious, is there any gap between the expectations of the audience and even the box office of the movie? Director Brett Simon is confident: "I'm not worried that people will not accept this film, in fact, it can also be called a comedy, but this comedy is different from other similar genres. The first time I saw the script of this movie, I felt that if this movie could be made, it would have a different meaning. This story is a bit absurd, and the audience will think it is very fake at first, and it is impossible to be in the It happens in the real world, but in fact, many details in the movie will definitely be very kind to the audience. In fact, there are many things that I have experienced in my high school life. There are countless people who miss the past high school life, "Assassination" of a High School President" shows the other side of the time that everyone misses, and maybe you don't want to think about it. The most memorable thing in the film is the encounter of the hero, he didn't eat enough in the movie. Less suffering, I think if the audience is not a good student, the kind of person who only knows how to devote himself to studying in high school, then he will find resonance in this film."
Regarding the style of the film, director Brett Simon said: "When the film started shooting, we were thinking about how to set a general tone. At first, most of the crew felt that the film would be made as a school comedy, and Most of these movies would be better, and the studios had the idea, but I said 'no' to them, I don't want such a good script to just go with the flow, it has a different story than those movies, So it should also have a different style. Yes, it's a comedy, but I prefer to call this a 'serious comedy' because I think our lives are full of fun and there's no need To make some crazy jokes, so the comedy elements of this movie are very realistic, even a little dark humor. I also thought about whether this would not attract the audience, but then I dismissed this idea, I think the audience should I will understand what this film wants to convey. The title of the film uses words like 'xing stab'. Everyone must have thought about killing their teachers when they were studying, right? Now, this film gives everyone a realization. There is a chance, so the audience should watch this movie with the idea of ​​fulfilling their childhood goals (laughs), so it seems that it is not difficult for everyone to accept and like this movie.”
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  • Braulio 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Don't be fooled by the Chinese name, it has nothing to do with Bruce Willis playing Principal Mao! Anyway, it's a weak campus reasoning drama!

  • Lorena 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    I'm just wondering, won't students find out if the answer sheet has been modified? Don't you know the answer to the question you've done?

Assassination of a High School President quotes

  • High School Student: Wait, aren't you the freshman they tied to the snowman penis?

    Bobby Funke: Sophomore!

  • Padre Newell: [Padre Newell foaming himself while singing in the communal showers. Bobby Funke turns to look at him. Padre sings to Bobby] Buenos diaz senor Funke.

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