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Floy 2022-04-23 07:01:03

Yesterday, when I went to Xinnanguo to pick up the piggy bank of Spiderman, I suddenly thought of the spider spirit. In ancient China, in the distant era, when there was Zhu Bajie, that beautiful woman, of course, also thought of Chun Shisanniang in "Moonlight Treasure Box" by the way. In this way, Spider-Man is suspected of plagiarism.
Still in time for the holiday season, I watched "Spider-Man III" hungry. A person, holding his knees, watched two and a half minutes of the film. It is still the story of justice defeating evil, Spider-Man vs. Black Spider + Sand Man. The advantage is that the plot is compact, and the hero has a lot of human nature, such as lust, arrogance, reflection, revenge, gratitude and so on. The power of women in the film is quite a turning point, like the daughter of the sand man, the daughter of the director, the girlfriend of Spiderman, the daughter of the neighbor, and the kind aunt.
To sum up:
1. Men's wars, whether heroes or villains, are nothing more than money and women.
2. It's not easy to be a hero's friend, Harry is so wrong. I didn't dislike Spider-Man's poverty in the past, I didn't mind his girlfriend being robbed, but now I don't mind his father's departure, or even sacrifice himself, I still like him. He is much more real.
3. The influence of the environment on people is too great. Spider-Man was forced to become a hero back then, as was Sand Man, Black Spider, and even Harry.
4. The power of technology cannot be ignored. Otherwise, Spider-Man alone can't win, Harry's skateboard is amazing. Haha, the way to kill the sand people is also, you have to use your brains.
After a long time, I was actually moved. When I was alone, I was always intimidated by the sudden plot, and felt helpless in the empty theater. Sandman is also helpless when he can't hold the chain with his daughter's photo, and Dunst leaves Broadway only to find Spider-Man kissing another woman, is he also helpless?
My aunt said, don't live in hatred. We must have love in our hearts, even if there are really ugly things in this world, after all, there are still many people worthy of love.
I want to say that it turns out that the face really comes from the heart, so I always say that it is good to be pleasing to the eye. Even the bell tower monster, or the beast from "Beauty and the Beast", hates frivolous men, self-righteous and ignorant.
It's just that, relative to heroes, I like Superman more. It's just that "Spider-Man III" is not bad.
The sand man has not been extinguished, will the lower part still come out?

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  • Alessandro 2022-04-23 07:01:03

    The most outstanding of the three, a sequel with an upward momentum, not bad! Thanks to the screenwriter.

  • Jeffrey 2022-04-23 07:01:03

    In fact, I went to Topher, where is the pink and tender Eric in the 70s show? ! ! !

Spider-Man 3 quotes

  • New Goblin: If you want Peter to live, you're going to do something for me.

  • Harry Osborn: You gonna kill me like you killed me father?

    Peter Parker: I'm done trying to convince you.

    Harry Osborn: You took him from me. He loved me.

    Peter Parker: No. He despised you. You were an embarrassment to him.

    [sees tears in Harry's eyes]

    Peter Parker: Oh. Look at little Goblin Junior. Gonna cry?

    [Peter knocks Harry unconscious on the wall shelf and walks away. Harry tries to throw a pumpkin bomb at Peter, but Peter throws it back at Harry's face, disfiguring it]