love needs practice

Timothy 2022-04-23 07:01:03

In addition to the magical brain hole, I like Spider-Man movies. The most important thing is the delicate emotional drama. The Spider-Man hero constantly encounters family, friendship, love, troubles in work when he grows up, and grows up in love through twists and turns. I need his listening, understanding and comfort to be lost. I left my girlfriend to be a hero to save people, and I kissed what a fool with other women as Spider-Man! When the murderer made a mistake and aroused his inner anger, MJ went to comfort him and accompany him even though he was angry with him. Peter actually said that I don't need to help me. MJ must be true love. Peter is still too immature in love. Aunt said marriage is better The preparation is that A man has to be understanding and put his wife before himself. Peter thought he could do it at the time and put everything about his wife above himself. As a result, he didn't really understand the meaning of auntMay's words. After a series of events happened, Peter realized that he was not prepared, he was still immersed in his dream of a big hero, selfish, naive. It's easy to say what we like and love, but when we encounter life, how to love someone is something we need to practice and learn and slowly comprehend. The author expresses this very well in the film.

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  • Josianne 2022-03-23 09:01:06

    Too commercial. The director guessed it was empty.

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    About love, friendship, family, hatred, forgiveness, maturity

Spider-Man 3 quotes

  • New Goblin: If you want Peter to live, you're going to do something for me.

  • Harry Osborn: You gonna kill me like you killed me father?

    Peter Parker: I'm done trying to convince you.

    Harry Osborn: You took him from me. He loved me.

    Peter Parker: No. He despised you. You were an embarrassment to him.

    [sees tears in Harry's eyes]

    Peter Parker: Oh. Look at little Goblin Junior. Gonna cry?

    [Peter knocks Harry unconscious on the wall shelf and walks away. Harry tries to throw a pumpkin bomb at Peter, but Peter throws it back at Harry's face, disfiguring it]