Animal Farm movie plot

2022-02-02 08:08
On a farm, all kinds of livestock are raised, and they are the private property of the owner of the farm. What awaits them is only a lifetime of labor and the end of being sold and eaten. A pig on the farm died after putting forward the theory of "human exploitation of livestock, livestock must revolutionize", and soon a revolution led by pigs was launched on the farm, the original exploiter, the farmer, was driven away, and the livestock realized With the desire of "being the master of the house" and the sweetness of the fruits of the revolution, the farm was renamed "Animal Farm" and the constitution of the farm, the Seven Commandments, was formulated.
But soon there was a split among the pigs who were leading the revolution, and one pig was declared the enemy of the revolution. Since then, the pigs who have gained leadership have more and more power and more and more special treatment, gradually separated from other animals, and finally transformed into livestock exploiters exactly like humans, and the name of Animal Farm has also been abandoned.   .
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  • Kaci 2022-02-02 08:08:41

    When I was in high school, I asked my political teacher whether communism could be realized. She said that as long as the history of mankind is long enough, it will definitely be realized. Later, I saw the high welfare society in northern Europe and thought it was the embryonic form of communism, but globalization and Islam Teach seems to be slowly shattering this hope again. Regardless of various mappings, the original is the best interpretation of a certain doctrine, why, because human beings are stupid

  • Lew 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    It will only destroy and not good at construction, four legs are good and two legs are bad, Romain Rolland is too small and fresh, the planned economy is a stimulant, teach children math and English, work more and eat less, more equal than other animals, rely on selling meat Become a privileged class, suppress traitors themselves, blow up wind power plants, work hard, eat, drink, and have fun, horses are stoned, slaughtered and sold, and pigs' heads covered with overthrow.

Animal Farm quotes

  • Narration Spoken by: And that night the pigs drank to Boxer's memory, in the whisky they had bought with Boxer's life.

  • Narration Spoken by: [last words] To the animals, it now seemed that their world, which may or may not some day become a happy place to live in, was worse than ever for ordinary creatures, and another moment had come when they must do something about it...

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