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2022-03-26 08:01
into the story itself
Although critics are divided on the film's "position issue", the film itself is quite good in terms of the quality of its storytelling, as George Heikenlooper puts the jailed Jack Abramaux in the film. The husband himself tells his story. This first-person narration not only achieves the authenticity of the film, but also destroys the "political correctness" of the film in a sense. Because the film portrays Jack as an anti-hero through his narration.
Regarding this method and angle of storytelling, Heikenlooper said: "In 2005, when Jack's case began to appear in the newspapers, I had the idea to shoot his story. Because this political scandal almost It was the biggest political scandal in America since the Watergate scandal . So I started thinking about this movie. I thought of similar films, such as "The President's Team" about the Watergate scandal and some documentaries, etc. But these films didn't make it into the The incident itself is only a statement of facts and truth on the periphery. So I began to think about how to capture the true thoughts of Jack, the representative of this 'greedy culture'. After meeting with Jack several times, I felt that this film should be It's told from Jack's first-person point of view, not from a bystander's point of view. Because of Jack's point of view, the tone of the whole movie changes from accusing a criminal to telling how a person becomes a criminal. So when I was writing the script, I was able to focus more on telling the event rather than accusing him of the crime. I told Jack about this approach and he was satisfied because after the documentary, there was finally a Opportunity to 'speak' on screen. After several drafts of the script were written, the tone of the entire film was slowly set, me, writers Norman Schneider and Kevin Spay The West all agreed to make the film a comedic satire. Jack's life is more dramatic than a novel, more exciting than a movie, maybe you won't believe there is such a life in the world. Just put his life A little refinement, it is a good show. If you continue to add some exaggerated elements to it, it will only make people unacceptable. So we did a subtraction in this play and subtracted a lot of exaggeration from him. method, and 'relegated' him to a simple, ordinary greedy businessman."
Kevin Spacey of "The Slip"
Playing the oily bastard, graceful thug, and clear-headed politician in The latest movie "Casino Jack" is an actor's dream -- and an actor's nightmare. Because one person's performance can either make a film or ruin it. Finding actors for such a role is the focus of a play. The film's producer Bill Marks said: "There's no question that a character like this was made for Kevin Spacey. That's what I thought when I was reading the script. And, I think the character can also help Kevin climbs to the top of his career again."
Heikenlooper has admired Spacey's acting talent since his Broadway stages in the 1980s, and has since followed the "strongly personal and devastating actor" in his performances. Heikenlooper said: "Spacey is the only actor who is suitable for this role on screen, his appearance, his temperament make him the perfect choice for Jack. And, in my story, Jack is an anti-hero, and most of the characters Spacey has played in the past are also anti-heroes. Audiences love to see characters with deviant, strong personalities on the screen, and Spacey is a symbol of anti-hero."
Because Spacey once said that he would quit the film industry, he was particularly cautious about "gaps" to act in a movie again. In Kevin's eyes, the reason for participating in the movie this time is not the script, but the characters themselves. He said: "After I learned about Jack's story, I found that he was a very personal guy, and whether the outside world hated him or hated him, his life itself was legendary enough. So, I am I was drawn to the set by the real people themselves. I am very happy to play Jack on the screen as a charismatic, unscrupulous character, and a warning to society at the same time." Heikenlooper said: "Obviously , Playing Jack is the result of Kevin's deliberation. He considered it for a long time before finally agreeing to take on the role. Of course, when Kevin's performance is unquestionable, he is a master of shaping characters, expressing emotions and heart. All kinds of difficulties , the arduous performance tasks were easily resolved by him."
Casino Jack and American money
Jack Abramoff's limelight in recent years has definitely overshadowed US President Barack Obama. In 2006, his case caused a sensation in the United States. Subsequently, a documentary about the case and political corruption in the United States was also produced. Just when Jack's events were getting a big hit, Heikenlooper delivered another movie.
In fact, there are not a few rich and powerful political fanatical "lobbies" like Jack in the United States. Such lobbyists and people who pay to fund certain politicians are even a "privileged class" in the United States. Because of their close ties with the top officials of the White House, they often dare to do whatever they want and ignore the existence of the law in "business projects" such as doing business, running casinos, and investing in real estate. For decades, the U.S. government has been tacitly aware of this, and the public has not known the insider truth. Heikenlooper said: “People will always believe in politics, believe in politicians, and ego beautify them as an ideal character. Then they fantasize about society as a beautiful utopia. In fact, it is not so. Washington The higher-ups knew the truth long ago, but they still packaged the reality as sugar-coated cannonballs and gave it to us. So I think Jack's story has an extraordinary warning effect. Although there is a documentary about this, I don't think it's enough. We need to go to the heart of the characters to find out how all this happened and how to prevent it from happening again."
Although Spacey's and Jack's political views were far apart, Spacey still felt "the need to express opinions on the screen that contradicted his own." Spacey said: "Playing Jack was a challenge, first of all the character is quite complex. Second, I don't identify with him emotionally and politically. But his views and actions are indeed of this country. It is an important part, so it is very important to express this point of view on the screen. Because it allows people to see how a real American history works. Whether Washington or the White House, it is not a human world. A gathering place for elites, role models of morality. On the contrary, it is quite dirty, full of power and money transactions. It is necessary to make people realize that politics is a kind of money transaction, it is not a pure utopia.”
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    Jack Abramoff: [on prison typewriter] I know it's a moonshot, but writing the letter to a former president who understands very well how the game is played, I hope you might see my point of view, and consider making an appeal to the right Democrats, who might find it useful to help me, so in turn, I can help all of you.

    Prison Guard: Time's up Jack.

    Jack Abramoff: Why? Because my name is Jack Abramoff, and I work out every day.

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