Country Strong movie plot

2022-03-28 08:01
Kelly, a famous country music singer, suffered a miscarriage a few months ago due to an accident on stage. Therefore, the singing career also stagnated for a time. During this period, she met Bio, a talented country music composer. The gentle and handsome Bio gave her great comfort. In order to revive her acting career, Kelly's husband and manager Jamesbegan to arrange her comeback tour. The young and beautiful former beauty pageant Miss Charleswas selected . However, under the intense attention of countless media and fans, Kylie, who has not yet fully recovered, has been in a state of continuous performance during the tour. Faced with the siege of the camera every day, whether Kelly can withstand the pressure and seize the last chance to come back, whether the relationship between her and her husband has begun to change, and how should the four of them face themselves during this tour , how to face the relationship between each other   .
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  • Anissa 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    The legendary life after a generation of songs, hey, it's drugs again.

  • Darrell 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    MEESTER has absolutely no shadow of B in GOSSIPGIRL, which is worthy of encouragement and praise. But she is still too sweet, so sweet that there is no artistic sense in the angle of her face. The film can only be said to be mediocre, not even the inspiring double-faced Hannah Montana.

Country Strong quotes

  • Chiles Stanton: Oh, hi Beau.

    Beau Hutton: You better be here to wish me luck.

    Chiles Stanton: I'm on the board. I'm playing three songs tonight.

    Beau Hutton: Says who?

    Chiles Stanton: I happen to be in consideration as the new opening act for Miss Kelly Canter. James, my new manager, booked me this gig as a rehearsal... not that I need it.

    Beau Hutton: Clint, tell me Garth Brooks here is not opening for me.

    Clint: She's not, she's closing for you. Can't do nothing about it either.

    Beau Hutton: This is your place, you can tell her no.

    Clint: Not for James Canter, I can't.

    Beau Hutton: You're gonna let this prom queen get up on stage? For Christ's, sake, Patsy Cline sang here.

    Clint: I don't care, she's still gonna play. I'm not cutting your set, Beau, you got the same three songs.

    Chiles Stanton: Don't worry, Beau. I have no intention of stealing your invisible career. See, I want one.

  • James Canter: The first time I heard you sing... I thought that it must be what angels sound like. Thought I died and gone to heaven.

    Kelly Canter: I love that story.

    James Canter: 'Cause it's true.

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