Ali: Fear Eats the Soul movie plot

2022-03-13 08:01
Amy, a 60-year-old cleaning lady, met Ali, a 40-year-old Moroccan, in a bar because she was sheltering from the rain. The two danced at the instigation of everyone. Finally, Ali sent Amy home again. The two exchanged views at Amy's house. Talking about their loneliness, the talk was short and long, Ali missed the last train and stayed at Amy's house. Waking up the next day, Amy felt uneasy, and Ali reassured her that fear eats the heart.
The story of a foreign worker staying at Amy's house quickly spread among the neighbors, and people were talking about it. The landlord's son also accused her of paying the rent. Amy could not falsely claim that Ali was her fiancé. After that, the two became close friends, and they finally got married. After marriage, the children, neighbors, and Amy's colleagues almost all blamed them, and the grocery store stopped selling to her, and their only contacts were friends at Ali's bar. Feeling embarrassed, Amy went on a tour with Ali, hoping that things would improve when they returned. After returning, things really improved. The reason is that the children and neighbors need her help, her colleagues need her to deal with the new cleaning lady from Yugoslavia, the food store business is not competitive for customers, and people tolerate them for various reasons. But at this time, Ali couldn't stand the social discrimination and reconciled with Barbara, the bar girl. Amy found Ali, and when the two embraced and danced in the bar where they met for the first time, the two felt happy again. Ali suddenly felt sick and crouched on the ground, what doctors diagnosed as a severe stomach ulcer caused by the stress, stressful life and hostile environment that foreign workers faced   .
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Extended Reading
  • Wendell 2022-03-27 09:01:21

    Marriage issues, ethnic issues, and social public opinion issues are all packed into a love story of cross-age and cross-race. The plot is simple and real. The despair and loneliness of the two protagonists are perfectly displayed through photography and composition. I like it very much. Fassbender is very powerful. , CC repair version looks very comfortable.

  • Dandre 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Doors, windows, railings, glass, and even the camera screen separate the people who come and go in the film from the audience and the actor. Fassbinder tells a warm and easy-to-understand love story in the language of "container people". Considering this movie could be the best "The Outsider" if it was re-released Fassbinder fulfills his promise of "Let the movie and life never be separated" in the flat narrative and honest relative movie plot. Others are hell But when we are together, at least Make each other happy / "Fear Eats the Soul" was shot to fill the gap between the big productions. It only took fifteen days because the time was too short. Fassbender can only tell the truth. He erased all the ups and downs and left only the smooth and quiet despair

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul quotes

  • Emmi Kurowski: But when we're together, we must be nice to each other. Otheriwse, life's not worth living.

  • Emmi Kurowski: Maybe...

    Ali: Yes?

    Emmi Kurowski: Why don't you come up for a while? I'll make us a coffee, and maybe the rain will stop.

    Ali: I'd like to, but...

    Emmi Kurowski: People always say "but". And nothing ever changes.

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