December Boys movie plot

2022-03-24 08:01
In the outback of Australia, there is a Catholic monastery where Father Scully adopted many orphans. 16-year-old Maplesis the eldest child in the orphanage, and his mischievous nature gives the priest a headache. Misty, and Spit are all good friends of Maples, and because all four of them were born in the same month, they are called "December Boys". One by one, the children in the orphanage were adopted, except for these four boys. They gradually understood that as they got older, their chances of adoption became less and less likely.
Life in the orphanage is inevitably a bit boring. In order to let the four boys see the sea they have never seen before, and to create a chance for them to be adopted, the priest arranged for the four of them to go on vacation to a remote beach and commissioned a Mr. Bandy McAnse, a retired Navy sergeant, took care of him. These four excited children, happy as wild horses, enjoyed their sunny summer days to the fullest. While on holiday, four boys meet a young infertile couple and learn that they are planning to adopt a child. However, the couple only planned to adopt one child, and the children did not want to miss this last chance to be adopted, and even fought openly and secretly, creating an unprecedented hostility between each other. And Mapps doesn't want to get involved in this fight, he meets the beautiful girl Lucy. Lucy is enthusiastic and bold, which makes Mapps heart-pounding. Maples and Lucy's love affair is sweet and passionate, blooming enthusiastically on this romantic summer day.
Over the summer, the four "December Boys" not only spent their first beach vacation, but also learned what friendship and love really mean. 
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December Boys quotes

  • Maps: I'm trying to look after you!

  • Maps: Just remember Misty, no matter what, you're still a December boy.

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