Dostana movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
The title of the film "Dostana" means "friend" in Hindi. Two boys, Sam and Kunal, who have never met each other, are looking for a rental house. It was a bloodbath, but it was unexpected that the landlord did not want to rent it to them, because one of the rooms in this apartment lived with his niece Naiha, and the other only wanted to rent to female tenants.
Since the house was so hard to find, Sam came up with the idea of ​​pretending to be gay with Kunal so the landlord wouldn't have any concerns. They finally lived in, but they both fell in love with Naiha and used various means to start a crazy competition.
At the same time, Naiha has already truly regarded Sam and Kunal as lovers, and has no other feelings for them, so she begins to develop a relationship with her boss. Sam and Kunal, who were about to change from friends to rivals, decided to join hands to deal with Naiha's boss and lead him to change in a direction Naiha hated. After that plan failed, they turned to the son of Naiha's boss' ex-wife, and instigated him to refuse Naiha. In the end, Naiha broke up with her boss and Naiha's friendship with Sam and Kunal ended.
Soon after, Sam and Kunal meet again, both thinking they should go to Naiha to ask her forgiveness, and they kiss each other in full view of it. Naiha and her boss forgive them and reunite , while Sam and Kunal start their new lives.
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Dostana quotes

  • KunalSameer: [singing to Neha] My Desi Girl, my Desi Girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl...

  • Sameer's Mother: There are things you must do with women that you CANNOT do with men!

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