Dragon Blade movie plot

2022-04-04 08:01
During the reign of Emperor Yuan of the Western Han Dynasty, Huo An, the chief protector of the Western Regions, was framed by a traitor, became enslaved, and was stabbed and sent to Yanmen Pass to repair the city. At this time, the Roman general Luques, who was persecuted by his brother, to Yanmenguan. The two heroes met in the Gobi Desert in the Western Regions. From the beginning of the battle, they saw each other sympathize with each other, and finally turned enemies into friends. One day, in order to clear his injustice, Huo An accidentally broke the secret of his good brother Yin Poand Roman prince Thebes At the same time, Thebes personally led troops to the Western Regions in pursuit of Luques and the little prince. In order to protect the safety of the little prince and the countries of the Western Regions, Huo An and Luques joined forces with Thebes to start a life-and-death battle in the Gobi Desert   .
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  • Lee 2022-04-05 09:01:07

    I remember one year in the Italian Super Cup in the Bird's Nest, when I was preparing to make a documentary script, and I almost made up the story from the Crassus Army to the bullshit legend of Lijin. The legend of Gansu Rome is of course false, but it does have legendary significance for the reconstruction of the status of the ancient Silk Road. Therefore, at the moment when Shitdamdam is re-introducing the new Silk Road strategy, "The Lion Falls from the Sky" can be regarded as a gift blockbuster with a high degree of completion. Ignoring listening to Jackie Chan talk about the great truth of national integration, the story is still very exciting.

  • Betty 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    Huo An, the captain of the security guard in the Western Regions, is a low-level civil servant who silently sticks to his front-line jobs. He talked sadly to his wife that prices had skyrocketed again, but performance-based wages still did not increase. It was only this month that the salary was paid and the moon was shining again. It was miserable and miserable. What a sad word! The main story actually started when Huo An and his teammates were framed by leaders and sent to Yanmenguan to repair the city. And Huo An also met Luques, a former Roman civil servant there.

Dragon Blade quotes

  • Huo An: General Huo once said, "A person who only laments the past is a coward, whereas a person who can change the future is a true hero."

  • Huo An: Success doesn't depend on how many you are, but on how determined you are.

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