The Lucky Ones Shooting process

2022-03-25 08:01
As a road film, in order to shoot different speeds and scenery, the director specially ordered a car that can be driven on the roof. In this regard, Neil Burger said that the speed of the car was 65 kilometers per hour, and some people were quarreling inside. Someone throws things out of it. How can such a scene be filmed? In general, the most traditional method can be used to lay the track to make the car go along the track, and then shoot again, but he thinks that even if this method looks good, he always feels that this is the way to shoot. There will be disdain from the audience, because it can only be seen through a car window or something like that, and he wants to capture a certain sense of speed throughout the film. The production team made the car for this purpose, with a very discreet driver driving in a roller hood on the roof, which allows the camera to pass passers-by on it, both safely and with a sense of speed. But to do so would be to hide the six necessary staff in a small car, which is a very difficult task   .
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  • Ryder 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It's not interesting, the details are too deliberate, and it looks a bit fake. In fact, road movies need a "original" feeling the most, but unfortunately this film does not

  • Mariela 2022-03-25 08:01:01

    Three frustrated mental journeys, light.

The Lucky Ones quotes

  • [Cheaver accidentally locks the keys in the rental car]

    T.K. Poole: Just press the key thing, man.

    Fred Cheaver: The keys are in the car.

    T.K. Poole: [T.K. tries all the doors] What the fuck were you thinkin'?

    Fred Cheaver: I was thinking I had two fuckin' nutcases throwing shit and getting into a fight!

    Colee Dunn: We didn't fight!

    Fred Cheaver: This is not my fault!

  • [Colee and the soldiers walk in the middle of nowhere looking for a way to get back into their rental car]

    Colee Dunn: [as Colee talks about Randy's guitar endlessly] So, they went on this worldwide tour and they - They got - Because they got this contract and they got to meet the queen and they got to meet the president. And after that, Randy got the guitar from his daddy who got it from his granddaddy who got it from Elvis.

    T.K. Poole: Elvis? Come on.

    Colee Dunn: It's true. That guitar is worth a lot of money.

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