The Lucky Ones behind the scenes gags

2022-03-25 08:01
  • Although starring Tim Robbins is a well-known anti-war figure in Hollywood, the film shows a neutral attitude towards war, so the US military graciously helped in the filming of the film.
  • Country music trio Dixie Chicks ultimately did not agree to use their six songs on the film's soundtrack. Because they and Lionsgate did not reach an agreement on the division of the film.
  • Tim Robbins formed his own band, and during the filming he also played with local bands in bars near the filming location.
  • The three actors, Tim Robinson, Rachel McAdams, and Michael Anthony Peña, had to get along day and night during the filming process, because in the film they appeared in almost every shot at the same time, but when they were not filming they also ate and listened to music together. And travel like the people in the show   .
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  • Crawford 2022-04-23 07:05:39

    Looking at the Iraq War from another angle, the wounds of our hearts were slowly healed during the journey home.

  • Marian 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    more tragedy than comedy

The Lucky Ones quotes

  • [Colee tells Randy and his family, and his girlfriend how special they are]

    Colee Dunn: [with tears in her eyes] Shannon, um... there's a couple things that you should know. Randy, he loved you with all his heart and soul and... he talked about you all the time. And, you know, he knew that he had made a big mistake and he was gonna make it up to you. And Tom and Jeanie, he just loved you so much. He knew what great parents you were and... grandparents, too, and... and he was just so looking forward to coming home. Y'all have been so nice to me. And I think I should go.

  • [Cheaver and Colee go to the Las Vegas jail to find out what T.K. is being charged with]

    Fred Cheaver: What's the charge?

    Detective #1: Armed robbery.

    Fred Cheaver: Armed robbery?

    Colee Dunn: What did he rob?

    Detective #2: You ever heard of a casino called 'Lucky Jim's?'

    Colee Dunn: [Colee slowly answers] Yeah. Yeah, I heard of that.

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