The Great Dictator movie plot

2021-10-21 12:59
Charlie the barber was a Jew who was drafted into the army during the First World War and left the army because of his injuries. Charlie, who has lost his memory, has been living in the hospital. At this time, the great dictator Hynkel came to power. It was engaged in conspiracy politics, ruling the country with iron fists and armed forces internally, aggressively expanding externally, and attempting to conquer the entire world with war. Due to Hynkel’s aggressive expansion and iron-blooded policy, the war continued and the people’s living standards were deteriorating. In the face of the increasing grievances of the general public, Hynkel tried his best to instigate the people’s hatred and dissatisfaction against the Jews, leading to the Jewish people. The nation faces an unprecedented disaster, and even the injured Charlie was not spared. Faced with this situation, Charlie had to be forced to flee. He and the officers who had been rescued in the war wore military uniforms and embarked on the road to escape. Just when they fled to the border, because of the appearance of Charlie and the great dictator Hynkel Similarly, the Demani troops stationed there mistakenly thought it was their head of state Hynkel, treated him with high-level courtesy and hospitality, and asked him to give a speech. As a last resort, the barber Charlie was used as the head of state to speak to the army. He couldn't help but delivered a speech to defend democracy, and he said his-and the voice of the people: "The dictator will die. The rights that were taken away by China will soon be returned to the people." 
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  • Shaniya 2022-03-25 09:01:06

    It is inferior to the silent era, but it is still a classic with a profound brand of the times. It satirizes Hitler's dictatorship, one person plays two roles, and the haircut and shave to match the Hungarian Waltz No. 5, as well as the wonderful speech at the last moment, deserves five stars.

  • Else 2022-03-24 09:01:24

    The movie in 1940, after watching this year, I was even more speechless and condensed. Combined with its historical significance, I can't think of other adjectives except "great". Genuinely wraps the deepest and heaviest suffering gently with jokes and wit. In the wind and rain of gunpowder and despair, this movie is like the sun in the sky, so firmly conveys optimism and spreads hope.

The Great Dictator quotes

  • Adenoid Hynkel: Declare war on Napaloni.

    Garbitsch: Napaloni?

    Adenoid Hynkel: Yes, Napaloni!

    [to Field Marshal Herring]

    Adenoid Hynkel: Listen, you blockhead. Mobilise every division of the army and the air force. Proceed to Bacteria and attack at once.

    Garbitsch: But war will be the end of us.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Do as I tell you.

    Garbitsch: Madness.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Shut up!

    Garbitsch: Very well. Would you sign this?

    Adenoid Hynkel: Yes, I'll... what is it?

    Garbitsch: The declaration of war.

    Adenoid Hynkel: Then I'll sign it. A pen! Und stratz mit ze uldensackt. I'll sign it! Und stratz mit sei öldensackt, il der, der flutens... , der... , der... , und strippensackt! A pen! I'll sign it. Napaloni, de grosse peanut, de cheesy ravioli. There!

  • A Jewish Barber: We seem to be defying the laws of gravity.

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