The Lucky Ones movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
Three strangers who meet on the journey each carry their own "secrets that cannot be told". TK, an American soldier stationed in Iraq, gets a month off after recovering from treatment at the base after being injured during a routine patrol. This injury damaged TK's sexual function, and he planned to use this time to rush home to visit his fiancée, but he couldn't bear to tell his fiancée the truth of his injury. Female soldier Kerryprepares to go to her boyfriend's house in Las Vegas, but she brings not only her lover's guitar, but also the news of her lover's death. Both TK and Kerry have 30 days off. And fellow traveller Fred Chilwellis a soldier in St. Lewis, who retired from retirement due to a back injury in middle age, eager to be reunited with his wife as soon as possible. The three were stranded while transiting in New York at the same time. Due to an accident, New York entered a period of control, and all flights to New York were canceled. The airport was grounded, and Chiwell planned to rent a car to go home. TK and Kerry then flew back to St. Lewis from Chiwell's house, and the car they didn't want to rent a car was already sold out by everyone. The only way seems to be to take a ride home with an equally helpless stranger. In this way, three people who were originally strangers embarked on the same road with their own hidden wounds, looking for the habitation of their own souls, the exit of pain, the journey is long, and the warm home they used to be familiar with has become more and more unfamiliar. , more and more distant   .
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  • Hiram 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    Simple little warmth.

  • Ryder 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    It's not interesting, the details are too deliberate, and it looks a bit fake. In fact, road movies need a "original" feeling the most, but unfortunately this film does not

The Lucky Ones quotes

  • [Colee tells Randy and his family, and his girlfriend how special they are]

    Colee Dunn: [with tears in her eyes] Shannon, um... there's a couple things that you should know. Randy, he loved you with all his heart and soul and... he talked about you all the time. And, you know, he knew that he had made a big mistake and he was gonna make it up to you. And Tom and Jeanie, he just loved you so much. He knew what great parents you were and... grandparents, too, and... and he was just so looking forward to coming home. Y'all have been so nice to me. And I think I should go.

  • [Cheaver and Colee go to the Las Vegas jail to find out what T.K. is being charged with]

    Fred Cheaver: What's the charge?

    Detective #1: Armed robbery.

    Fred Cheaver: Armed robbery?

    Colee Dunn: What did he rob?

    Detective #2: You ever heard of a casino called 'Lucky Jim's?'

    Colee Dunn: [Colee slowly answers] Yeah. Yeah, I heard of that.

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