The Lucky Ones evaluation action

2022-03-25 08:01
The film can be considered a "war film" in a broad sense. But in fact, this is not so much the reaction of the protagonists under the fire of the war, but the reaction of the characters after they leave the war. Strictly speaking, the film is a road movie, in the tradition of road films, it tells the journey of several protagonists from point A to point B, along the way they encounter difficulties, encounter "colorful" people, and I learned some things about myself. But the frame of the story is shaky and unwieldy, especially given the story director Neil Berger wants to tell, the events near the end of the film feel ridiculous, and the bland and unreal ending is the film's biggest flaw. Although Neil Berger's storyline isn't the strongest, his handling of the characters is effective. The three protagonists in the film are likable, trying to shape their egos as men and women with complex personalities—basically well-meaning flawed people. They also acted maturely, which went a long way to alleviating some of the issues with the film's tone and graphics   .
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The Lucky Ones quotes

  • [Colee talks about her reasons for going to Las Vegas]

    Colee Dunn: I'm not from Las Vegas, either. But my friend's from there. That's his guitar. Well, it was his guitar. I mean, he got killed, so... I'm just taking it back to his family.

    Fred Cheaver: That's a real nice thing to be doing.

  • [Colee looks at a photograph of Cheaver dancing with his wife]

    Colee Dunn: You must be a good dancer, huh?

    Fred Cheaver: Oh, no. My wife's a good dancer. I just try to keep up. She loves all those Latin dances. Samba, Merengue, The Tango.

    Colee Dunn: She's a looker, huh?

    Fred Cheaver: Yeah, she is. What she's doing with someone like me, I'll never know and I'm not gonna ask.

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