Il Sorpasso production and distribution

2022-04-06 08:01
Production Company:
Incei Film [Italy]
Fair Film[Italy]
Sancro Film [Italy]
Fair Film [Italy]
Starlight Srl
Embassy Pictures Corporation [The United States of America]
Filmes Castello Lopes [The Portuguese Republic]
Gaumont/Columbia TriStar Home Video (GCTHV) [The French Republic]
Versátil Home Vídeo [Brazil]
other companies:
Dupont S.2
The French Republic June 27, 1963 GreeceSeptember 1, 1963 The Federal Republic of GermanyOctober 18, 1963 The Kingdom of Sweden1963 November 11 The United States of AmericaDecember 22, 1963 The Portuguese RepublicDecember 4, 1964
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Il Sorpasso quotes

  • Roberto Mariani: He was always hugging me.

    Bruno Cortona: I believe it. I've never seen a country queen before.

    Roberto Mariani: What?

    Bruno Cortona: Don't tell me you didn't know? It's obvious. Why you think they call him Occhiofino?

    Roberto Mariani: It's just a nickname.

    Bruno Cortona: A nickname? Occhiofino - - finocchio - faggot - .

  • Bruno Cortona: What beautiful raven-black hair, ma'am! Spanish blood?

    Zia Enrica: My mother was from Barcelona.

    Bruno Cortona: I was right! Granny must have fooled around with a bullfighter.

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